Wednesday, April 12, 2006

<--- Fun with 900i
It's got to be one of the more sophisticated comm gadget wif attitude on d shelves, period. Yea, i'm rooting for SE; crisp-clear sound & color plus functionality w/o overkill... standard issue bluetooth-enabled, hi-res vga display/cam ..etc. got to have 'em. Yup, i'm using one myself, though not d 900i, but d near pre-historic old-skool Z600 - thick-flip wif groovy lines --->

Definitely on top of my wish-list..... but it costs a bomb
Gonna come in handy for some cam-whoring session when chilling out wif cute laydees. Sound investment don't u think?

Capturing the 900i moment @ work

*Pics courtesy of Roy@A-go-g0 & lovely Christina