Tuesday, October 31, 2006

So where's the snorkelling pics? Well, the supposed snorkelling trip did not quite turn out the way we intended it to be.
The journey there was alright. Driving up in a Colina's comfy & spacious avanza; had to refrain from going overzealous on the throttle at times (feedbacks from my fellow passengers i.e shrieks, panic stricken-look does help me snap out of it, sorry guys) Dammit, it's after all a sub-compact people mover... so don't gun like a low-slung road hugging hot rod...
Was half expecting to be checking into a dodgy run down chalet like the ones in buntal... Impressive, so they actually have a real resort up there. Well, the last i've seen of this place was like a decade ago =)
To our dismay, upon checking in we were told that all the 4 boats for snorkelling trips had been hauled up for repairs & servicing due to the year-end monsoon season. KNNCCB.
It's a damned tulan thing to have put up with these bullsh!ts when we were assured a snorkelling trip arrangement during the initial bookings. Weather's alright, but the seas are rough out there.... maybe. Had a word with the big boss too - Julian being our main negotiator (doing what CEs does best). Got nothing out of the round table talk though, the guy's just too damned lansi, coz he's supposedly the owner of the Shangri-La resort equivalent of the whole Sematan beach strip. WTF!

no snorkelling trip... an chua cho? ai cho ha mik??

Not to be dampened by the minor setback, we decided that there is always a Plan B to make the best out of this trip. Like going up to Waterfall3 in Gading National Park.

Somebody had the great idea of bringing along this neat case of The World of Entertaintment. No real $$ involved.... fancy a game of strip poker anyone?

BBQ at night. Coz the cafeteria food sucks. Horrendous tasting exactly like the one in my company. No chicken wings this time round. Plenty of those the last time round... had to resort to chicken-wing poker (loser-eats all) to finish up the left-overs. I'm pretty sure had at downed at least half a packet of fish/meat balls that night.

So no snorkelling trip, but had a good time anyway. Feels good to take a step away from the hectic work routine for a day or two... =)

Talang-Talang Trip Photos


Friday, October 27, 2006

michael ooi's cubicle etiquette

CODE #1: Mind your own business
I can be doing something that MAY or MAY NOT be of interest of your's, or I can be not doing anything at all. But whatever it is, IT'S NONE OF YOUR FUCKING BUSINESS. You're paid to do whatever that you should be doing, not nosying around other people's business.

CODE #2: Keep your volume down
Everything that you do, it should only be loud enough for yourself to hear. You don't broadcast your voicemail like you're trying to auction blowjob services with a bullhorn. You don't shout at your mother-in-law from your office phone. You don't fucking stir your coffee loud like you're trying masturbate a mug with a giant vibrator. I don't want to hear all that.

CODE #3: Shut the fuck up
If you've got nothing intelligent or productive to say, don't say it. If you want to act like you're so goddamn friendly like that, don't do it. (I hereby acknowledge that you're friendly, so shut up already). If you don't like how messy my desk is, don't comment about it. Just, SHUT THE FUCK UP.

CODE #4: Be hygienic
A cube usually has limited space, so for fucks sake, keep yourself hygienic. Bathe at least daily. Wear only clean clothes. Use deodorant if necessary. Keep your(our) cube clean, and don't eat inside the cube. The smell's gonna stink up the place like a rat hole and the leftovers/crumbs are going to attract your relatives - rats and roaches. I don't want your sleaziness to become part of my life.

CODE #5: Be considerate
A cubicle is not a place for you to hold open discussions. It's a place for you to do your deskworks. If you want to have open discussions with a bunch of your retard team members, do it somewhere else. Meeting room, lobby, cafeteria, the smoking bay, inside the toilet, anywhere... I don't fucking care. Just SOMEWHERE ELSE.

CODE #6: Keep out
DON'T FUCKING TOUCH ANYTHING ON MY DESK. If you need anything from my desk, ask me for it. Depending on my mood, if I feel like lending it to you, then I might just be that charitable and let you have it. However, if you're refused, then you'll have to understand that I'm not by any means a bad or selfish person... and you shouldn't bitch about it. Just fuck off and borrow it from someone else (or buy it yourself).

Print this out if necessary, frame it, and hang it inside your cube to remind your cube-mates.
Heck, i had to blog this! This one's dedicated to you, Roy - READ it & GET it. ... lucky to be cube-mates eh?
The cynically comical sarcatism reminds me of you.... jeez, this guy's just like you... only 62% more evil.

It's been great having you around... Happy Birthday, dude! =)
1 year closer to 30, just don't ever bother to fucking act like one... coz Litho's in dire need of more f#*&heads like you, haha! (* pls. no pun intended)
i'm so hot - (NOT)

-----Original Message-----

Sent: Thursday, October 26, 2006 3:53 PM

Cc: Calvin XXX XXX XXX
Subject: ??

Hav u guys ever wondered or noticed that

XXXXX always drop by Calvin place and talk to him with her saliva drool all over the floor.


This afternoon 26 Oct 15:28pm
she walked pass Litho cubical twice,
and figured out hardly what was the best pick up line to use.
(i read her mind clearly as though i'm good in telephatic)
finally she walked backward doggily and said "HI" to Calvin
(there u go .....) she juz couldn't hold her breath and talked softly to him ...

Wilron n me both noticed that n i started net send her

yah, thank you so much for being so observant & for your thoughtful compliments ...

oh, so now you're a psyhotic mind reader...

so i'm indispensible to the group...

netsend op117 to op117? - shiok sendiri. OMG that's so fucking retarded! Jealous eh?

Dropped by this cool little retail shop in down town while going in circles, figuring out what to get for my sis' b'day today. Lotsa interesting stuffs on sale

Yeaps, she's been making a lot of noise about her big day... (getting psycho-ed into buying her pressies)
Picked something i like i think she'll like, i hope. Girls & their clothes, + vanity stuffs.. no way you'll go wrong here..

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Ford Focus spotted !
Honour Thy Parents
One of dad's friends throwing a birthday celebration for his 90-year old mum on the 2nd day of Raya.
Tagged along with my parents coz i didn't want to miss the chance to freeload on the luncheon feast was looking forward to spending some quality family...

Yam seng spirit very much alive even during Raya

A towering mammoth of a cake... where's the other tower?

Sure feels great & warms the heart to be spending time with old-timers from your generation, your kids, grand kids, grand kids' kid, yada yada yada spanning generations down the family tree in such manner.. Though by then, most of us would have toothless for a decade or so, barely able to get around on our own, or too speech-impaired to make any sense at all... just need to sit back, relax & savour the momenteous occasion.

I'd say i'd be lucky not to have my own kids dump me at the old folks by then... if i get to have one of my own someday (ONE coz it's getting too expansive to afford more than one these days)

Blessed to be part of a small but wonderful family. Mom & dad's been working hard to provide all these years. Dad bought me my nike air max (had a couple of them from my juvenile shoe-fetish days), drove me to school, tuition, basketball practices, even dates (got my drivers license late - not because i sucked at driving & flunked my test),
got me most of what i wanted (a.k.a the mobile ATM machine), even helped me hunt for that prized B16 half-cut (not too many dads out there rear their kids to be speed demon), not forgetting showing me how to pee properly coz i kept wetting my pants as a little kid (slow semi-retarded learner bah)
Mom keeps the household running smoothly, clean & neat like any household should, ensuring foods always on the table & chipsmore, honey stars & fresh milk never runs out... and the omni-present naggings to so that i'd brush my teeth before bed, make my bed once i wake up, be at the dining table on time, make sure i consume my daily dose of supplements..blah, blah, blah. Well, it's a universally accepted as motherly love language.
And then, there's my nosy sister, which i can't help but just ignore. She's more bearable when's she's quiet & not hogging the PS2 & borrowing my stuffs less w/o returning them...

Come think about it i haven't really done anything much for my family; except occupying some space in the house & eating up a big chunk of the household expenditure...Always too lazy to even lift finger to do any housework... guilty bailing out on home-made meals coz some friends called up for lim teh or some fancy dinner at the very last minute, always not missing a chance fighting for the TV remote..
i'm pretty much silent & cold like a stone at home... not creating much havoc though, just a little anti-social? Sometimes i wonder if i'm incapable of showing affection or any emotions at all... Seriously, i don't know what the f*ck is wrong with me...

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Swap Rides?

DOHC VTEC for a GSR Turbo - just add another 20k...
Still toying with the thought..
Simple Life
Met up with long time buddies Han Wen & Tony for a simple dinner last night. Thankful to be spared from the usual Hartz buffer get together; my gut's still bloated from my colleague, Li Jie's farewell feast the night before.

Mates from the good 'ol school days. uh, the gaban like pose? don't bother asking... what's 'in' today could very well be tomorrow's laughing stock.
Bid goodbyes & parted ways after form 6, eons ago. Memories from those short 2 years were by far the best throughout my schooling years

Got my degree, landed myself a challenging crappy job, they too got their educator's license...
A guaranteed secure job that awaits you, how does that sound? Good, if you don't mind getting shipped to the furthest corner & deepest remote parts of the S'wak. Sure, scares the sh^t out of me. Why?
1. no PSP, no PS2 , no PC (generator power supply sucks)
2. no internet (coz no PC except the only one linked to the outside world in the village library)
3. no NTV7 or Hitz.fm, the only channel you get is RTM1,2 & radio 4,

4. lights out after 6 (generators don't run 24-7)
5. meal always consisting of ubi keledek, paku, midin, cangkuk manis & the occasional roast babi hutan
6. making calls via hp is a complex affair, climbing up to the roof to get as close to the radio/tv antenna for coverage or running to the pier down stream is a must
7.the closest town is 1/2 boat ride away...

8. no more movie-nites, no lim teh sessions, no fancy dine outs, friday nite clubbings replaced by tuak session at your local long house hosted by the tuai rumah
9. no chicks to ogle at... except for the noisy ones in the barn

... for the next 6 - 9 years. Tiuu... jialat! Though, my buddies seems to be holding up fine. Living a much simpler, calmer & healthier life being closer to nature. Can save up a gold mine too - coz no more friday night chivas/vodka, 0 petrol expenditure coz your VTEC fuel guzzler sits at home 200kms away, you don't have a gf coz there is virtually no kang tao in your local village.
A noble profession that takes a different kind of toughness to answer the calling. Respect!
Not my cup of tea though; if i'd were to swap places with you guys, i'd probably die from boredom by the 2nd day. & i hate kids too.

Monday, October 23, 2006

I'm used to having my instant maggi fix almost daily after lengthy sleep-inducing module morning meetings. After bidding good-bye to the previous cafeteria operator, which was about the only real & sensible management decision made after the recent merger, a new one came in & took over early last week. Wasn't expecting much.. afterall, we're accustomed to living with sub-par cafeteria food all the while...& usually the closest thing to a real & edible food is maggi kari + telur . As long as they've got maggi...& did they? Hell, no! What kind of stupid cafeteria hasn't got a maggi kari on the menu?! I don't care how crappy they make it, but not having maggi on the menu is almost a crime!
Insisted on my custom order today, thankfully they had it this time round. Came out looking pretty good too, so irresistable that i just had to take a snapshot of it. Tasted okay too... now we know that they can cook maggi, unlike the dunk-a-mamee-in-boiling-water people of the past.
But then again, it's only gonna take about another week or so, before i get jaded of eating the new cafeteria food. Pretty particular when it comes to eating...

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Past week at a glance...

Strolling down Taman Sahabat on monday night...

a good place to be chilling out & unwind with your other half & for family affairs.
Now what the heck was i doing there?? Well, a cam in hand always makes a good company, especially if you're the lone ranger type looking to spend some quality time alone..

Got a tuner problem? Really cool I.C.E system, but pretty tricky to operate.. & having a remote with more buttons than the average keyboard doesn't help..
A friend's having a simple case of losing the tuner preset settings at the touch of a wrong button.. & needed a quick fix..
so had to haul my lazy a$$ of the couch midway thru Dragonball on monday night to come to the rescue... jeez..

Went out to pick Hong Seng's freshly painted ride from the workshop during lunch break on tues.

car wash tau keh's old school starlet GT

Impressive pearl white... puts my ride to shame... sigh..
Those 17" getting a larger visual boost with the new color scheme.
It's cool to be riding in a hot-coupe, but getting stuck in mid-day jam with a non-functioning aircon is definitely not...

Stayed back at office later to fulfill the 8.5 working hour quota as i've exceeded my lunch break hours..
Was running late for Joo Min's wedding dinner scheduled at 6:30pm that evening.
Had to pick up dear Janet too.. & walked all the way to the car park only to realize i left the car keys at my cube..damn.

Yam-seng-ing like there is no tomorrow...

Experimental posing got out of hand.. another 'couple' stealing the limelight..

the Yam-Seng gang continuing the party at Colors next door

ah nel's last working day on tuesday... he's low profile; nobody knew about it until after he left.
everyone's leaving for greener pastures...

iPOD on loan from Christina.... pretty impressed by the sound.. but ran out of batt liao..

Sunday, October 15, 2006

a movie i'll be hoping to catch later...
Bowling for McFlurry

getting into lucky size 7s

size 13s are good for muscle workouts... arms still aching though...
have had quite a few drain-cleaning embarassments... just barely cleared the 100 pts mark.
mediocre at best, but not outbowled - at least... earned my mcflurry treat, haha!