Sunday, October 28, 2007

"Will the real Mr. Sexy Lips please stand up....?"

Mr Sexy Lips turns 30.... & as usual, he's photo-shy
Yess... we will always lut u dip-dip... =p

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Project Strike IWSP Worklog:
20071021: Head + Torso

Came across this interesting clip at Danny's blog...

Just how interesting can an anime revolving around the daily antics of 3 gorgeous but very different sisters?
What's with the girly themed anime? Looks like one delightful & darn hilarious series to catch, to me... Loved the catchy opening theme & the animation character expression is done superbly, & all those cutesome girly characters are a plus ++ ^_^

What's next: Nendoroid figurines a.k.a. Super Deformed

The irresistably cute nendoroid Yuki Nagato from the cult comedy-sci-fi series the melancholy of suzumiya haruhi (on my must-watch list)

kawaii ne ~

~peep shot at one of my sis' latest addition of figurines... i wouldn't mind having one of these, to keep my MG Gundams happily accompanied =p
Been searching hi & lo for the goodies around town, but only wound up with a handful of hobby/toy shops with limited selection & some with ciplak ones too... the safer bet would still be to stick with reputable online stores ~ for offerings on latest releases, more variety & more standard pricing (though usually costing an arm & a leg + shipping cost + kena tax if unlucky, especially when ordering from overseas); also serves as a good source to get familiarized with the product details & quality for comparison ~ i dun want to end up getting ripped, paying ridiculous prices for a bootlegged one available locally; some are quite hard to distinguish from the genuine ones to the untrained eye... yikes!

I.W.S.P (Integrated Weapon Striker Pack) unit fresh off the assembly line

The Gundam feva had spread like wild fire in our wacky workplace clique; now pressure is steadily mounting & the race is on the build the ultimate Gundam ~ face off with Mr Toilet's Wing Gundam Zero, Gameniac's Strike IWSP (also our favourite Gundam supplier) & Santalouis' Strike IWSP; the later 2, just recently "suckered into this boyhood dream of robots" as somebody put it... i guess our workplace Gundam preaching propaganda has worked rather potently =p

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

A day at the beach...

Raya Ke-2 @ Pandan beach, Lundu ~ a far, far away beach (1hr+ drive from Kch) + a bunch of overzealous gals (with) their vanity shots + a laid back lot of blokes (ceh, we can look cool oso, effortlessly w/o leaving the ground!) + surf-size waves (massive ones; but by local standard lah) = great time + good tan (well done) + laugh at other batangs only group (weren't we (guys) like dat before??) =p

Upon popular request, FULL FRONTAL BARED OUT shots...


Sunday, October 14, 2007

1+1/2 months later: Strike Freedom finally receives finishing touches...

standard decals +

ultra-cool dry etch decals!

"I knew u're gonna blog about this" ~ Raya Edition

mrs. XXX's mom,


but-i-sure-know-where! =P 13 october 2007


The Stranger I Got to Know

the above matter refers.

2. fyi, I file for this complaint coz the stranger that I got to know some few months ago a.k.a. your son, on a raya morning, msg-ed me and woke me up from my VERY VERY d siokkk sleep, and had me UP liao… but ler, when I replied him, he goes m.i.a. on me (as usual)! Hmmmph!!! TOTALLY BO HIU WA LIAU! So bad! (but lucky I stil managed to pip til noon! Heheh). BUT! Me considering maybe he’s bz or out visiting or malas wanna layan me or wad wad, I chose not to bug him lor.

3. and, he ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS dun read my msg properly, and is ALWAYS so ‘laid-back’ (he said so) – seriously making me feel like i'm OVERLY-BUGGIN, most of the time! (but ler, the prob is – bo bug him oso kenot, wanna bug him oso gota take into consideration many many things! Hmmmph!)

4. so, ma’am, do you see how terribly bad your son is ‘treating’ me? Honestly, the most susah-to-handle guy I’ve ever encountered so far! TRUE! Never had any guy treated me soooo kejam-ly! Hmmmph…

Ok, I shall conclude my letter of complaint here. Til your son checks his mail, and print you this letter, selamat hari raya!

Me. 1.30noon. HMMPH!!! (and I bet tis the first time anyone komplens ler?! With a formal letter thim!)

Received a creatively penned & filed formal complaint yesterday ~ on one of my most unique personal traits: laid-backness, especially when it comes to replying sms-es & interpreting them properly (mistake prone-speed reading). Want to highlight the matter to the supreme council summore (mom)!
Wah lao eh! Literally laughed my head off til terguling-guling atas lantai when i saw it! Hahaha.. =p
Seems like i got a new resolution or 2 to add to the now defunct My 2007 Resolution List:

#1001 I will try my best to decipher ppl's SMS properly & reply before they can count 1, 2, to 10

*Subjective to: #1001 - subject to my count pace.... my pace very the slow one... =p

Blood + (*not the anime series)

~ for a good cause. Being a newbie, I’m not sure whether to feel worried (at the sight of the drinking-straw sized syringes) or get excited about it (first time bah!)

A prick, followed by a numbing sensation & 10 minutes of bleeding away… tada!

Not much drama, except for a feeling of light-headedness & a sudden-stimulated appetite… Good thing, they do serve light refreshments, before & after the procedure ~ soft-boiled eggs PERFECTLY done, some crackers & hot beverages. One day, if I run into a $$ crisis well before the 26th, I’ll know where to go to get myself a decent meal (paid in blood), haha! Just kidding eh… =p

That’s 1 pint = 450ml; the max amount a healthy person of average stature gets to donate at any one time. Weighs close to 1kg; Wanna lose weight instantly? THIS IS THE ALTERNATIVE SOLUTION! =p

On an endnote, those fit to become donors (for criteria ~ go Google) are encouraged to do so; your individual contributions may be insignificant as they seem, but could too, make a difference in saving the lives of the needy ones…

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Strike I.W.S.P has landed!

Strike Freedom gets a new sparring mate...

An apple a day keeps the doctor away... a dear & rather noisy/annoying colleague of mine celebrated her birthday earlier this week on the 8th. True to our Litho family spirit (also extended to 1 single DM entity), we decided to make it a memorable one for her ~ by drowning her with one month's supply of apples, since we know she's an ardent consumer ~ always pulling off that magic act of appearing with an apple whenever she comes out of the washroom. Now with that guni-sack-full of apples at hand, she can do it more effortlessly... With dedicated entries on her b'day featured on multiple blogs, she's undoubtedly one of the most popular tease pet in our company... =p
Again... Hey, pea-butt there!

Finally on to the last parts of my 5-day vacation in Bali ~ it has taken almost an eternity for to complete the posts…

Day04 & 05 ~ Free & easy…. and plenty of spa & massage indulgence =)

If you haven’t been to one here, then you’ve never been to Bali, at all.

To be had at least once a day… or every 500m down the street when you start sweating & getting feet sore ~ whichever comes first =p

The mall-next-door

The beach on our backyard: Kuta Beach ~ one of the most famous beaches around (one of the busiest too)

Surfing is a big part of the Kuta scene…

& i wonder why swimming is prohibited here? … we took a quick dunk & had some exciting encounter with meter-high waves (though it’s hardly surfing peak season)

Late night gastronomical indulgence a.k.a last supper at Sailfin; more like dinner at 10:30pm after 2-hour long pedicure session =p

A short morning stroll along the vibrant streets of Kuta before packing up & checking out…

Parting shot

It has been a great vacation ~ truly enjoyed every itsy-bitsy moment of it: good company (of friends), ideal destination & perfect companion (?? jawatan masih kosong). Beautiful beaches, breathtaking sunsets, unique architecture, finger-licking-good babi guling, party vibes & hot babes aplenty... is unmistakably PARADISE. It's difficult NOT to fall in love with the place. I'LL BE BACK! Someday... =)