Sunday, October 14, 2007

Blood + (*not the anime series)

~ for a good cause. Being a newbie, I’m not sure whether to feel worried (at the sight of the drinking-straw sized syringes) or get excited about it (first time bah!)

A prick, followed by a numbing sensation & 10 minutes of bleeding away… tada!

Not much drama, except for a feeling of light-headedness & a sudden-stimulated appetite… Good thing, they do serve light refreshments, before & after the procedure ~ soft-boiled eggs PERFECTLY done, some crackers & hot beverages. One day, if I run into a $$ crisis well before the 26th, I’ll know where to go to get myself a decent meal (paid in blood), haha! Just kidding eh… =p

That’s 1 pint = 450ml; the max amount a healthy person of average stature gets to donate at any one time. Weighs close to 1kg; Wanna lose weight instantly? THIS IS THE ALTERNATIVE SOLUTION! =p

On an endnote, those fit to become donors (for criteria ~ go Google) are encouraged to do so; your individual contributions may be insignificant as they seem, but could too, make a difference in saving the lives of the needy ones…

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Samuel Goh said...

You got one of those rare blood type. Good on you for donating. I cant unfortunately... high blood pressure :\