Saturday, March 31, 2007

#2 more than anything else =p
This is interesting & definitely worth checking out...

How it works:

~ a blog advertising network by Malaysian bloggers, for Malaysian bloggers so everyone gets a piece of the action; enabling small-time bloggers the likes of me to enjoy a small chunck of the potentially huge Cheese of Blog Advertising too. This could pretty well be revolutionary for our local blogosphere ~ Kudos to the nuffnang guys!

Step#1: 20 unique visits a day is something i got to go figure out... i doubt if i have it on a consistent basis ~ sigh =(

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Kinabalu Blog ~ dedicated to providing precious information about climbing Borneo's majestic mountain, Mount. Kinabalu.
Got a guest feature here; thanks to Drizad. i'm flattered =)

Planning for a trip to Sabah? He's the guy to talk to, especially for those keen on conquering Borneo's Majestic Mountain, at

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Free Hugs =)

I need one2! Hug someone you love today?
Random Shots #

getting connected ~ tau geh characters everywhere making me feel so goddamn illiterate here...

people often think i'm japanese...

cool clothing article; the name just escapes me though... something i would pay 140RMB for

new scent ~ Rm165 for a bottle of 50ml (genuine)

Supposedly smooth & warming when smoked in cold climate; is anything but cheap at 26RMB a pack

300mm wafer pod are a handful to handle

A Brabus SLK K4 ~ hardly a supercar in terms of performance; but is still every guys' chick-magnet dream machine

Colorful, bright, vibrant & lively ~ just loving it

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Food, food, food

Supermarket goodies ~ snacks come in all shapes, sizes & colors; hauled a backpack-full of 'em home. Haven't actually got to taste them, coz they looked almost too nice to eat.

From hotel fine dining...

It's pretty & complementary.

to international fastfood chains...

KFC ~ we only got in coz it's the only eating outlet in the mall that hasn't got a queue line stretching the length of half a basketball court. I'm not exagerating, eating outlets here do tend to get overcrowded at peak hours. Pork are served in this region. Notice chicken pieces the size of Ayamas drummets.

& local flavors...

Steamboat & booze ~ makes an ideal meal in the cool climate, which i thoroughly enjoyed without breaking a sweat.

Xiao Fei Yang ~ one of the more popular steamboat franchises in town. The piping hot red spicy soup just tastes superb!

Beers come really cheap, starting from a low of 4RMB.

Sampling some local delicacies

Starting off with the cold dish; goose-tongue a'la Fear Factor is served.

Main course includes beef stew, which tastes heavenly ~ it's so tender you could feel it melting in your mouth.

Suntory premium draft - the best fresh brew ever... to be consumed fresh on the same day.

Munich lager at Paulaner Brauhaus' in Xin Tian Di, a district of chic cafes, pubs & fancy restaurants in the old neihbourhood of Shikumen. Costs 68RMB for a mug of 0.5l. Chick-factor here tops the ceiling... =p

For late night supper, nothing beats having a cup of instant noodles + strawberry yogurt while flipping thru the TV channels at the convenience in the hotel room ~ economical indulgence.

Shop, shop, shop

A vast range of products from high end expensive designer labels to cheap imitation ones can be easily sourced here. Anything you can produce, they can & will reverse-engineer it to come out with a cheaper version. Hey, afterall this is arguably the imitation capital of the world. There used to be a centralized marketplace for these imitation products, i heard but it had ceased operation since the government launched a crackdown less than a year ago. These days, distribution channels are much scattered & transactions take place in a less open environment; usually shops in some malls would have hidden chambers inside their premises where stuffs are stocked, some even leads to backlanes into people's homes...

Goods come in different grades too. Higher grades with workmanship so remarkable, it becomes quite impossible to distinguish from an original. At a higher price tag of course, but costs only a fraction compared to the real stuff. Prada, LV, Burberry, Nike... you name it, they have it.
Here bargaining is an art form. Once you get the hang of it, you just can stop buying... & avoiding getting mindfucked into buying something i don't need, is a constant struggle.

Still, i prefer stuffs that are distinctively China's. Having bigger leverage in terms of currency makes shopping a joy. 4DVDs for 10RMB, that's like RM1.17 a piece.


Semiconductor is big business in China

Cool. The essence of cutting edge technology in immersion lithography is ~ bubble-free water
Specs: NA - 1.35; wavelength - 193nm; resolution - 40nm; throughput 131wph & best before EUV


A major expo like this one is likely to attract up to a million visitors a day. I expected it to be exclusively for people working in the semiconductor field, but it seemed like anyone with a business card can register for free to get access. I mean, literally ANYONE from the streets. Don't have a one? Just go make one & add some fancy titles like CEO of Company XXX, while you're at it. Lots of irrelevant bunch of people who's got no business there except for making beelines to grab the freebies offered. It's not like these people give a damn about the industry or have any sense of appreciation & understanding of the technologies. Bunch of freaks...
Going Places
On the Huangpu River Cruise ~ sponsored by Praxair
The best seat to view the best of both worlds...

The new...

& the old...

The scenery ~ simply breathtaking. For a moment, it no longer matters that it's 5 degree celcius & chillingly windy out on the open deck. Both my face & hands were already numb...