Sunday, November 26, 2006

*Pic sourced from Kenny's
You don't f*cking put a stupid road sign in the middle of a high speed freeway in the middle of the night without any hazard warning lights.
Was returning home driving along Simpang Tiga late last night; traffic was moderate typical of weekend nights, when cars ahead slowed down to a sudden stop, so i followed suit. Then, a freaking bugger on a motorcycle came out of nowhere and rear-ended my car, the impact threw him & his bike onto the right lane.
And he got hit by a car... Damn, that fella's a goner for sure...
f*ck. i just got caught up in a fatal accident.
Visibly shaken, took a couple of moments to regain my composure & step outside to assess the situation. Frantic calls for aid began... 999, 994 dammit.. wonder why it is at crucial times like this that mercy calls tend fail connection or worse, go unanswered.
Having a crowd of bystanders & motorist passing by doing absolutely nothing just stop & stare - being plain keh po ci does not help at all.. oh yea, the car that hit the guy.. slowed down & hesistated a little, then just went off like it's nobody's business.
Found the guy sprawled facedown in the middle of the road motionless.. nevertheless, no severed limbs, no guts, none of that goey stuff... phew. Relieved.
i don't know how the heck the guy got out of a collision like that virtually unscathed... just some scrapes & bruises.
Moments later the guy came to, on his own - dazed, confused & in agony. but no he's refusing all our aid; he just wants to get up & go home... had to refrain him & tried to talk some sense, but this cracked nutcase's just plain stubborn & insistent on getting up & go.
Perhaps scared of the fact that he's been riding in deep alcohol influence & that we gonna make him pay up for the mess.. doesn't want any trouble with authorities.
So off he went in his smashed up 2-wheeler (it's still working).. didn't know what's the extent of his injuries.. internal bleeding? WTF was he thinking??

Smashed up rear bumper... sure beats road kill. Sure glad that he didn't die right then, right there... saves up a lot of trouble & hassle.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

puking Vodka
i remembered my 1st alcohol-induced puking experience after a heavy-bout of vodka downing...oh boy, & did i vow not to take another sip of that evil drink ever.
But i guess history's meant to be repeated. Had a drinking session with some work-mates last friday. As fate would have it, evil vodka found its way to our table.. good to go. Started with sips, small chats.. steadily pacing up, enjoying the sights, observing the crowds, getting absorbed in the enviroment & the conversation; all the way to bottoms up-on the rock in about an hour or so.. boy, i felt like absolut attraction.. no need to bring out the raincoats. i'm fine

or so i thought.. was just starting to feel a little giddy by the time we got to our supper stop & went blank the next thing. Recalled slightly, that i actually let a girl drive anything-but-stock my car (either she's a pretty competent driver or i was just too blur to notice the jerky-bumpy ride).. & not to mention that 'somebody' curi-makan the kueh-chap that i barely recalled ordering earlier...
And then, the puking fiasco begins.. on a much grander scale this time round... all along the way home & into my room... so wasted, literally had to be dragged home... blessed to have good mates looking after me =)
Woke up to a wholelotta mess to clean up the next morning...& for the next 2 days all consumed food & even water tasted one kind, kinda like watered down puke. Shucks..
Started out as absolut attraction, but ended like absolut impotence ... damn.

vodka no more... for good.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

i wonder what it feels like to be going at F1 speed on the streets... something i'd really love to do one day...

Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Came home from work today to find an FTO parked in the front porch. Already grinning in excitement at the sight of hot coupe... oh, boy, i just can't wait to take this baby out for a spin.
Made me skip my dinner as i headed straight for the car keys. Mom didn't seem too pleased at me for bailing out on dinner at the last minute again. Sorry ma.. =p

This cute-sy looking coupe's got to be a hit with the ladies, but hardly a favourite among the hardcore ricers. Looks a little too feminine for most guys, i think. Definitely a chick magnet on wheels...

Powered by a 2.0 litre 24 valve V6 DOHC MIVEC powerplant. Yesss... a smooth 6-cylinder howler. Was expecting it to idle like a placid pussy cat. Turned on the ignition & started the engine... only to be greeted by a raspy sounding engine note sounding like my granpa's beat up old shoe-box volvo... pretty much like it's got some racing cams installed & running on a direct exhaust system capped with a lame stock muffler.
Engine bay looks pretty much unmolested though...

Took this baby out for a quick spin (more like 2 hours of cruising =p) & lansi abit cuz i'm delaibing a spots kar bah ...
It's one heck of a heavy ride, the chassis got a real solid feel to it & is pretty fun to drive powered by a potent 6A12 powerplant pumping out about 200bhp. Hardly blindingly fast, it offers sufficient thrill factor to impress your mates, in-laws or the chick you're desperately trying to hook up with

I bet my 170bhp B16A civic can give the FTO a run for the money.
To remedy the lame-potong-stim sounding stock muffler, throw in a direct piping 2.5" exhaust coupled with an Apex'i N1 muffler. Sure way to sound f^%king fantastic. Plus people will get to hear you coming from 10 lorongs away.

Spartan & functional interior with a really cool digital climate control (air-con's really efficient - turn it on at full blast will give you frostbite, really)
It's also got an onboard navi-panel (or was that a player?) thingy that greets you when you turn on the key ignition..

A 4-speed tip-tronic gearbox adds in the fun factor in driving. Shift it & revit like a manual tranny & listen to the glorious V6 MIVEC orchestra on full song at over 7000rpm...

Always in for a suprise when dad's old-man nissan bluebird gets a servicing appointment at the workshop.
Drove back a FD3S twin-turboed Rx-7 once. Wonder when's the next appointment due?

Monday, November 06, 2006

Hey boy, do me a favor. Rip the handle off will ya?

Sent for a car wash on sunday morning & the left-hand rear passenger door handle came undone during the cleaning process.... got a free wash in the end =)
Not a pretty sight, but i didn't really give a crap. coz the handle's been jammed broken since i got the car. Maybe it'll be a good idea to leave it as it is, coz ppl keep coming up to enter thru that damn door despite me exhausting my lungs telling them that door ain't gonna work from the outside, countless of times. Dammit, can't you ppl just go in thru the right?? Plus, my special adjusment's hardly enough to get a 2nd hand replacement handle, not to mention the extra cost of getting it painted to match. Should have gotten a kereta nasional.... parts come alot cheaper. But then again there's no fun in driving a ride that Dreams of Power? It's got to be

Sunday, November 05, 2006

SiView down for the 2nd day (sat)... MES (manufacturing execution system) the heart & soul of a production/assembly line kong-ed, there isn't much to do at work.... heck, there's nothing to do at all. Time comes to a standstill, especially when you're on duty & you gotta hang around til 6... shucks.. surfed till i almost drifted into a comatose....& only the pikachu game got me through the day... yea, i'm still the undisputed champion of the pikachu volleyball championship. Period.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

a honda tuning mag,

a lifestyle mag (hot babe on the cover - must),

a full series of japanese anime (Gunslinger Girl),

a pack of HP briefs (take face value, skip the $ dollar conversion),

& some spare change for a bowl of maggi kari telur at the cafeteria,

not forgetting a pack of poo-poo (constipation) pills too., in case of tummy flare

- so much for the paycheck special adjustment ... do i give a crap about it? hell, no.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

P & C
Employee Handbook 3.0d Security - Confidential Proprietory Information
Do's & Don'ts: Computer
* Log off your computer if you do not intend to use it for a long period of time
* Change your password periodically or as advised by the IT administrator
* Do not share your password with anyone else unless authorized by the IT administrator
* Blah, bla, bla

What happens when your e-mail access falls into the wrong hands ...

-----Original Message-----
From: Faith XXX
Sent: Tuesday, October 31, 2006 4:21 PM
To: Liau XXX XXX

Subject: FW: i'm so lazy

Dear Boss,

gimme more work load Liau !!

-----Original Message-----
From: Faith XXX
Sent: Tuesday, October 31, 2006 4:18 PM

Subject: i'm so lazy


kill me everyone i'm very lazy ah!!
i'm sleep in the Fab n do nothing whole day.
and keep disturbing my junior Snoopy Ang, bully him to do FEM comp

how? kiss me kill me or kick me ...
up to u
n u r welcome