Sunday, December 31, 2006

We spend January 1 walking through our lives, room by room, drawing up a list of work to be done, cracks to be patched. Maybe this year, to balance the list, we ought to walk through the rooms of our lives... not looking for flaws, but for potential.
An optimist stays up until midnight to see the new year in. A pessimist stays up to make sure the old year leaves. I'll be staying up, coz i'll be stuck working in the fab to sustain the line (for the 2nd consecutive year)... i'm not sure what that makes me - an optimist or a pessimist, maybe a balance of both.
Happy New Year everyone! =)

@Penang - Part II

X'mas eve dinner at Food Loft - a unique dining experience

Countdown bash at Gurney Plaza - taking refuge behind glass doors... it's a riot out there!

X'mas eve '06

X'mas eve '03 - same spot

Taking a stroll down Batu Ferringhi

Majestic view from Kino's place

Taking a refreshing cendol break with Marv

Nice ride spotted - want to facelift my Civic EG into this, can?

Need i say mo'

Finally bought something... Nike Tiempo WC - a bargain at 169bucks

@Penang - Part I

House warming at Soo's place

Followed by late nite outing at GLO's in the Garage

35bucks cover charge + freebies that might come in handy...

Teluk Bayan's spicy tom yam

Ayer Itam's famous Penang laksa

Non-local delicacy but worth trying out...
@Genting, City of Entertainment

A pity that the weather sucked big time...

It's snowing in Starhill

Found my room at IKEA's

Saturday, December 30, 2006

I'm was on Vacation =)

Been on a 8-day vacation... longest i've been away from the fab since i started working. Feels great, though a bit tiring towards the end.

Started out in Kay-El for the first 2 days, doing the usual stuff, shopping & checking out the happening joints. Caught up with the ever-MIA ah nel for supper at Jln Alor. Hope you'd find your pace & get settled soon, dude. Best of luck!

Eddie's always the go to guy when it comes to good food; With >10 years in F&B, he's undoubtedly Kay-El's food discovery channel. Thanks for the xiao long bao.

Friend, it's about time you get a gf & add some colors to your life! (coz u keep pestering me to get one)

Spent the next 2 days at the City of Entertainment, Genting. Last I’ve been there was back in ‘96, so there were a lot of new attractions to keep me occupied, especially when a buddy of mine had to bail out on the trip due to postponed biz trip. Too bad the weather sucked the whole time i was there, had to be contented riding the lamer kiddy rides in the indoor theme park coz. Outside, it felt like the base camp at Mt. KK's Laban Rata. It didn’t help that our hotel room was half a globe away from the main attractions in 1st World Plaza.

It seemed like half the nation’s population has flocked to this highland theme park for the year end holiday. Q-lines for the rides were getting ridiculously long, especially when the outdoor theme park was rendered off-limits due to bad weather. Try 1 hour Q for a Euro Express ride that barely lasted 5mins.

Still on top of my wish list: 1) Flying Coaster 2) Sky Venture 3) All the other hair-raising thrill rides… maybe next trip. Only got to play spidey up the X-pedition Wall.

Trip to the casino is more of a look-and-see affair… not really my cup of tea.

Headed up north to Penang in time for Soo's & Howie's house warming on the 22nd. Finally, a homey place to stay for the night. These days, talks on who’s with who, who’s getting married next & who’s getting a house where… a far cry from the hot chicks & fast rides obsession days just a couple of years back. All grown up I guess, though I’m still playing catch up.

A trip to the Pearl of the Orient should always be a gastronomic one… Teluk Bayan’s red hot tom yam, Ayer Itam’s famous laksa, Penang char koay tiaw among the many local delicacies sampled in a short span of 12 hours..

Off to Ipoh again the very next day & the gastronomic journey continues… nga choi kai, chee cheong fun, old town white coffee & above all the heavenly dim sum – a perfect breakfast I wish to wake up to, every morning. These usually overcrowded eateries are one of the best places to spot leng loi s that Ipoh is so famous for. But then again, it’ll probably be easier to pick a few in Gurney Plaza, as many of Ipoh’s best are exported… as claimed by my buddy Wai Mun. So Penang still the best bet, eh? I’m sure Lydia would agree.. ^__^

Boarded a bus back to Penang the next day & joined Kino for the Chrismas eve countdown at Gurney Drive. The place to be, at the heart of all the festive happenings… the live performances, swarms of revelers in jovial mood – there’s always a cause for celebration here.. Just having fun, enjoying the moment & getting absorbed in the environment over a cup of coffee at Dome. C-Factor at its best (still the best), & socializing is the name of the game here; just gate-crash, make a new acquaintance or two… Christina’s brought home some pressies too.

Moved to stay with ah Pei on Christmas day. Hung out at the newly opened Queensbay Mall; darn jam packed as well.. 6000plus parking bays & we still had a tough time looking for one. Coz it’s the only mall in Penang island with free parking. Period. Had a good lim teh session with Pei & Kino to catch things up like the old uni-days, while the girls ran around with their shopping agendas.

Also met up with that cute little girl I got to know from a couple of years back during my internship (always remember that 1&1/2 hours Q for the Lrg. Selamat char koay tiaw) at a new chill out joint in E-Gate. Thanks for the treat, Lee Theng.

Finally, revisited some familiar sights, places & taste with Marv on the last day. Also for the last call Penang laksa & Siam fried rice just before boarding =)

Been a long trip, finally back home for a couple of days now… still catching up on lost sleep, heh.

Glad to be able to meet up with you guys again.

Cheers & Happy New Year!

Sunday, December 17, 2006

After 2-1/2 weeks & 1K+, finally got my car back

Decided to do away with the stock-sleepy look to opt for some character...

A Bavarian auto i got acquainted with

so jaw-droppingly good, i'm still having wet dreams about it

Not your average run-of-the mill E46s... this one's received the exotic M3 facelift & runs on massive 19" AC wheels. Costs? a whooping 30K

Turning heads for the right reasons - It's a huge attention grabber, so much that riding in it becomes an embarrassing experience... well, at first. Takes a little getting used to, before you start to lansi. This babe is one chick magnet that is on every normal guy's wish list. Wonder why they call it the Ultimate Driving Machine?

Year-End Lazy-Ass Mode
Been like that since i got back from the conference trip 2 weeks ago. Maybe it's coz of the low WIP, plus Christmas & NY's just around the corner. These days, my brain just literally shutsdown by 5:30pm... OTs are getting harder to come by... & weekend duy is just another plain hard to endure lazy day at the office.
No better way to get productive at workplace, than tapping into our resourceful creative minds to do up our cubes to inject some lively Christmas spirit into the solemn work environment... for the betterment of all fellow x-folks =)

Thoughtful decorations with a message... (very important!)

Staying true to our cho u cho bo spirit... some spillover enthusiasm from the recent butt-day bashes at work:
my messed up cube, ah-long style, but in a nice way though =D

Now where's the pig head?

The mud-shit icing cake that eventually found its way on my head. Didn't have to use my Issey Miyake for the next 2 days, coz that's how long the stale-choco scent lasted. Scent not a hit with the ladies though, as i did not have any 'encounters' for that couple of days. Conclusion: Girls may crave for chocs, but it doesn't help at all if you smell like one.

Pressies: the autographed panty memorabilia, the pink boxer or the Durex Tingle. A tough choice...

Roy & Snoopy; 2 guys lining up at Watson's to get those items? Wahaha.. that's so gay-ish. Can't imagine the look on the cashier's face. I bet the poor fella's still traumatized...

Thanks! Really appreciate it though, going the extra mile & playing the fool, all just for the heck of making a memorable moment out of your buddy's butt-day... at HIS expense. Ha, but it does gives me a greater sense of belonging. Damn proud to be a Lithorian =)

Friday, December 15, 2006

It was a Hey-Pea-Butt-day
A heck of a blast. Thanks 38! =)
Who's next??

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Thursday, December 07, 2006

ICSE PleasureConference Trip

When was the last time you flew with MAS?

4 star or 5 star? Look no further than the lobby car park...

No greater feeling in the world than to be spending company $$

Staring at the sun ... photo session under the hot afternoon sun??

The best part of it - Free meals...

Nocturnal feast included

Checking out Kay-El's nite life...

Mambo-Jumbo Wednesdays, where the hot rides & chicks at...

Lapping Shah Alam circuit.. or rather getting out-lapped...

Soul-Out's smoked salmon pizza with wasabi - in place of mamak style supper

Mont Kiara - everybody's dream neighbourhood... where condos cost a whooping 3/4 of a mil or more.
Plus side - you get ample Kuching-sized parking lots for your BMW 7s

Getting ready for some wakeboarding action at Mines

I call it the 75-25 experience
75% of the time hitting water, only 25% of the time on water
Should be much more fun if the ratio is reversed...

Our official yakuza mobile