Wednesday, April 30, 2008

1st 10K pageviews... okie, not being hao lien here; it's nothing to shout about since it's taken a very long while to reach this point. I just like to look at numbers la, will check the charts everyday ~ like many of us check the stockmarket charts every now & then (hari-hari check hundreds of SPC charts, this is the only one that never gives me any OOC/OOS stresses =p)... maybe i should have become a statistician, then i wouldn't be complaining so much about my pathetic job -_- Hmmm... so much for my posting my personal ramblings; purely for my own pleasure. Nevertheless, it's flattering that there are actually people out there who would even bother reading them... =)

Sunday, April 27, 2008

An acoustic rendition of Rihanna's Umbrella by ~ MariƩ Digby. A beautiful song with equally poignant lyrics, sung by a pretty face with a beautiful voice. I dig this song so much that, if any girl would sing it to & for me, i'd date her =p
Phuket Trip ~ 11/04/08 Day05

a quirky tee, *that's made for me.. hehe*

a very shy Thai mascotmodel,

a stroll down the Patong walk of fame...
~to be continued~

This ultra cool site is for you Gundam/Gunpla buffs... =)

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Phuket Trip ~ 10/04/08 Day04
~ coming soon... =D

Main agenda of the day: snorkeling at Coral Island (just coz most we missed it at Maya Bay... how tragic =( ) Good thing that this little island is just a stone throw away from main Phuket island, so we got there in no time.

Just like Sapi/Manukan island back in KK ~ minus the colorful corals & fishes (here all monotoneous colored one -_-)& less chick-factor (perhaps coz i dun have a magnificient invention known as the DSLR to zoom around... =p)

Commercial break! This advertisement is brought to you by Singha Beer... =D

nothing beats lim ang moh teh while taking a dip in the sea... okie so much for the hype, the beer's ain't exactly that great tasting... & try not to focus on my bloated tummy... coz that was taken just right after a hearty lunch...

heading back to the pier...

& to Wat Chalong, one of the biggest Buddhist temple in Phuket...

capturing the magnificient build in a series of snapshots...

weren't the only thing that took our breath away... so did this cute lil' doggie

back to our hotel in Karon beach...

believe it or not, it's the 4th day already & yet we've barely set foot outside our very own hotel to explore ~ coz it can get swelteringly hot especially during afternoons; the kind of hot that gets you drenched in sweat the moment you step out of the hotel... before you even reach the other side of the street.

the very tastebud tantalizing Tom yam goong for dinner... i crave for this every night now....

Strolling down the streets of Karon... strolling is much a breeze now, by nightfall

checking out the art of soap carving...

big bikes like these are a common sight. It'll be cool if i could rent one of these to pick up some chicks, but i quickly remembered my bike riding proficiency is near non-existent: the only bike i could ride for 30 seconds without falling off is a bmx with 2-small wheelies attached to the rear wheels.. how pathetic -_-

finally the night has turned mature enough... time to checkout the nightlife =D

what better way to find out than tagging along with a ladyboy.... hehe. =p
Just kidding lar ~ fatigued due the hecticness of activity filled past couple of days, we were nicely tucked in bed by midnight. How kuai indeed...

Project Civic Part III: Getting OVERHAULED

With over 130,000kms to the odometer, she’s almost an old lady already. It’s about time for her to get overhauled. Her status has been SDT for a major PM since the weekend right before my Phuket vacation. 2 weeks on, her progress is now about 70% complete.

Prepping the block ~ includes cleaning to remove sludge & oil deposits, before proceeding with surface conditioning & deburring; Quite a meticulous process.

So squeaky clean & brand new looking that I could barely recognize my engine

High compression CTR cams & engine block guard fitted in. The block guard is a piece of CNC-ed metal with cross-drilled water passages that fills the gap between the cylinder walls & the engine block. These act to stabilize the upper cylinders in Honda’s open deck engines; reducing cylinders wobble at high RPM loads. A reliability upgrade when building a high performance engine that revs up to 10,000rpm.

Insist on genuine Honda parts only. Replaceable (worn-out / need replacement) parts i.e rubber seals, o-rings, gaskets, engine mounting bush & etc (plus a spoiled water pump) list runs a page long & is already costing a cool one grand plus. Yikes! Xo

Lightened flywheel ~ from a stock weight of 8.52kg to CTR spec of 6.67kg to improve throttle response for better acceleration (due to less inertia), by machining off the metal on the outer edges. Rule of thumb says 1.2kg taken off the flywheel affects acceleration as though 2 ~ 4kg’s have been taken of the car; But, bear in mind that the acceleration of the engine internals is much greater than the rest of the car. *if driver is overweight, he/she may consider dieting for a more effective solution =p* Downside: smooth idling may be affected slightly.

Yet another reliability upgrade: Power Enterprise KEVLAR timing belt. KEVLAR, the stuff used in making bullet proof vest. Designed to protect the engine and improve its performance and consistency., by eliminating belt stretch which occurs at high RPMs, resulting in inconsistent cam timing and power output. Claimed to be 700% more durable than stock timing belt, & yes it costs a bomb too.

The only undone part is the head. Pending port & polish…

Valves & valve springs. Valve springs need to be upgraded too. Pokai liao...

Project update on laying down the groundwork in building a high performance engine to be continued, when I get her back... kinda miss her liao =p

There Can Only Be One...

Kobe Bryant / Shaq O'neal

King James / KG

Superman Howard / CP3

Nash / Kidd

Cool, eh?
The 2008 NBA Playoffs is here!

Western Conference Playoffs Round 1, Game 1: Spurs take the win over Suns in double OT
This is classic playoff game ~ nail-bittingly intense & close game down to the last second with plenty of amazing clutch plays down the stretch. What a game!
This year's title could be any team's; with all the 8 qualifying teams from the crazy western conference scoring an impressive 50-win record each, this season is by far the most competitive i've seen. The tone for the playoffs have been set, looking forward for this year's to be unpredicably exciting & intensely competitive! =D
Gundam Double O

Here's the 1st opening theme - DAYBREAK'S BELL, by L'ARC~en~Ciel; one of my favourite J-Rock band. Awesome opening theme & best ever of all the Gundam series! Even better than SEED.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Phuket Trip ~ Day03 con't

Enjoying a spectacular sunset at Phrom Thep Cape, a headland viewpoint to the southwest end of Phuket island

also home to the grand Golden Jubilee Lighthouse

flashback Day03 evening during my previous Bali trip; sunset at Tanah Lot.. both island paradise have one thing in common ~ dramatic sunset viewpoints

sawadeekap crew in action

dinner at Patong...

in the tallest building on the island; though the buffet was only so-so

cruising the busy streets of Patong, where tuk-tuks reign supreme & are the beng-mobiles here ~ usually sporting loud colors, even louded sound system & exhaust & neon lights all over... they're like mobile discos! a wee fun to ride in =D

this trip would never be complete without getting a taste of traditional Thai massage...

This is Thai massage, as re-enacted by our not-so professional buddies *kids, don't try this at home*, is a twisty & bendy affair with a some 'bone-cracking' effects... awkward positions? get used to it. I survived being man-handled by a jumbo-sized masseuse! Is very rejuvenating as long as you have some tolerance for a bit of pain =D 5,600baht for a 2-hour full body massage is quite a bargain.

Hitching a ride back to hotel, at the back of an open deck pickup truck; cruising through the glitzy-lit streets of vibrant Patong, cool breeze blowing through our faces ~ so carefree & fun...

Until it started to rain cats & dogs halfway halfway through our journey home. Oh, boy, i have forgotten how good it felt playing in the rain... for once in a long while i felt like a kid having some innocent fun. That was one great ride! =D
*only in phuket... try that here you'll get pulled over by the cops. too bad*