Monday, October 27, 2008


~ & to the many friends celebrating their b'day today, too... =)

Sunday, October 26, 2008

181008 ~ Darryl & Patsda's Wedding

My PC's back in business again, thanks to my colleague Siong who kindly offered to fix her up for free; thanksm mate! =) Now here are the long overdue photos from Unker Darryl & Patsda's wedding matrimony ~ especially to my 'overseas' fellow uni-mates... Once again Darryl & Patsda, congrats to both of you! I know you've been eager to check out the photos on the net, even while you're honeymooning in Hong Kong! Pai seh, sorry to keep you guys waiting.... =p
*am experimenting with the 'aged-photo theme' to add some creative touch & i thought i worked relatively well in neutralizing / subduing the harsh/un-natural/inconsistent lighting effects & colors ~ as most of the low-light pre-dawn indoor shots are taken with the built-in flash *_^*

Thursday, October 16, 2008

VTEC Orchestra

5Zigen Border 304 Speed ~ one of the best sounding muffler on a B16 ever... To Honda enthusiasts, this is the sound of the 8th Wonder of the World... take a listen & be hooked. Bila VTEC buka, bunyi macam langit mau runtuh! This is how a VTEC powerplant should sound like... =D

Project Civic ~ C.A.I.

Project Civic gets a new little piece of hardware, in the form of an Arospeed Air Funnel Kit to be integrated into its intake system when she's set to go for a major exterior makeover sometime soon. I've been using an oped pod intake setup as a replacement for the restrictive stock intake system ~ superior airflow capability gives potentially greater power gains at a relatively low cost. The issue with this intake setup however is that it takes in hot air from the engine bay.
Hot air = less dense = lesser oxygen molecules per cubic foot than cold air = less oxygen = weaker combustion = less power
which, explains the sluggish-revving-engine-on-a-hot-day symptom... it awakens from its slumber sleep, always more eager to run at night, when the ambient temperature is much lower.
This Cold-Air-Intake funnel upgrade should complement my current intake setup well by channeling cold air front the front of the car/fender & feeding it directly to the intake system. Now the question is where do i mount the bling-bling funnel mouth? Drill a hole & fit it on my lower front bumper or discreetly hide it behind the fog light housing? ^_*