Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Becoming Me

A colleague of mine sent me this today.....
so true...

Tuesday, May 30, 2006 : Voices in the Yellow Room

It's tough being in this industry; long working hours, compulsory OTs, 24-7 on-calls, tons of paperwork, endless daily onslaught of fire-fighting issues....the stress level is just so taxing on the body & mind. It takes an easy-going (wat-ever-happen-happen-lah-dun-care) mentality & a healthy daily dose of *wicked humour to sustain sanity & ensure survivality.

Three8 - is a domain embodies all that, the mindless musings of the Voices in the Yellow Room....
I guess all that hours spent in the fab wrapped up in uninspiring bunny-suits must've loosen a nut or 2 up in our heads... Way to go Lithorians!

Monday, May 15, 2006

Obsession on Wheels Stats: It's been quite a while since my last entry & since i'm stil so- not over this obsession.. letme claim stake to my bragging rights & bore u guys with yet another entry on ma ride!

1989 / 93 Civic Ferio SR4
Stock rating - 170PS @ 7800rpm / 16kgm @ 7300rpm
SPOON chipped ECU - 9000rpm redline + 5300rpm VTEC changeover + speed limiter cut
HKS super power flow, Ultra 8mm core plug cables, custom grounding job, Arospeed voltage stabilizer, Mugen replica twin loop muffler + center box,
Y2 (S4C) manual non-LSD + 4.40 final drive
stock suspension + RS-R coil spring, rear disc brake conversion, custom tower strut bar
Rolling Stock:
Racing Hart Type C4 Single 15"
Advan Neova AD07 195/50/15
EG6 gauge cluster, SPOON VTEC controller, APEX'i auto timer
Recaro A8 semi-bucket seat(driver), Nardi Torino 3-spoke steering wheel
Stock + EG9 rear boot-lid spoiler
0 - 100KPH 7 secs flat (claimed)
Future Upgrades:
C-A-I intake, JASMA extractor, semi-race clutch + short shifter
Tein HA adjustables, APEX'i VAFC II, EG9 ori bumper + fog lights, CF hood
EG9 interior full conversion
*Subject to stretch-ability of my thinning pocket...

Not my ride >> bears close resemblance though

Rev happy B16 engine + grippy Advan Neovas + huggy Recaro A8 + right exhaust note definitely fosters a dangerous sense of driver confidence. Usually a civilised driver, I'm admittedly less accomodating to other road users at times, esp. during nocturnal drive-arounds when my heavy-right-foot syndrome rears its ugly head... hear the VTEC scream!!

Monday, May 01, 2006

Wai Mun's Trip to Kch Apr '06

A good buddy of mine during my internship days in the Pearl of the Orient; used to hit the gyms after work on weekdays, hung out at Gurney drive on weekends checking the chio-bu s, never missing-out on the clubbing scenes from SS to Chillout esp. on lay-dees nite with all the great partying cliques & pretty gals.. the ocassional TT's at Kayu nasi kandar, Aerosmith & LMF screaming session at Redbox & the trekking trips ...
Not forgetting the time when we drove all the way to KL jus to check out FHM's bash at Zouk; in btw getting lost in KL's highway maze at peak hour traffic, while t'was raining cats & dogs, and the car running low on petrol.
With our tulan faces & feeling a little dissed, we'd somehow wound up at Zoo negara in Ampang instead of the Zouk at Jln. Ampang... duh! wat a joke!
2 years on he's finally dropped by to savour the experience of way of life in the Land of the Hornbills & a timely visit to the in-laws as well, hehe...

Here's a chronological photoblog of the trip:
1st Day Trip
Starting out the day with a hearty meal of delicious laksa at Cheong Choon's
<*laksa pic not included>
Off to the Cat Museum
<*Obviously we make better photo specimens than the cats>
All the way up to Damai Lagoon

No we're not Brokebacks

Really, we're not

Dinner at Bla bla bla

Mr. & Mrs. Lee

Lydia & Christina

Clubbing trip GONE
Was supposed to meet up for 2nd round at a drinking joint to check out the local clubbing scene after filling empty stomachs... but walked to the car & found THIS

Lydia's car passenger window gone.... smashed into bits... one nasty surprise for otherwise an exciting night out... Luckily that was abt the extent of the damage (80 bucks for a used window) & no expensive stuff got stolen. Instead of chillin' out at Mojo, we'd be spending sometime chatting with the uncle at the Padungan police station giving us the apa-boleh-buat-jus-suck-it-up-n-go-home look to lodge a report.
Wat the heck?

Sunday museum trip

<*Kinda interesting for me too coz i haven't been to our museums since the F3 sejarah project days>

Chillin' out at Sensor, Hilton

Yet another sophisticated club i've just discovered. Makes a cozy & spacious hangout with privacy & tons of lcd monitors here & there, yup that includes the loo. Selection of drinks are ok, though a bit pricey.... but same can't be said abt the complementary freebie snacks... the pickles are juz downright horrible tasting!

Good for a round of fun games whr the losers gets to finish up the yucky stuff

A shot of strawberry bomb... Geez, i'm wasted...

Girls & their Digicams They like taking pics

They really, really like taking pics
Trying hard to put up wif the camwhoring session & getting frustrated!

@ Bar Zing

Another clubbing joint to be spotted with 'em happenin' ppl

Kin to lok? Ka meh liao, kin ar... got lotsa kang tao s here!

KIA Facelifted
Finally. Now baru got standard abit to be classified as International Airport
Feels like being in a mini KLIA; afterall it's juz missing the 'L'

Departure shots & Cheers!