Monday, December 29, 2008

Kuching Auto Show @ Crowne Square ~ 28th December 2008

~ coming soon ~
Here are the pichas of the show, finally!

Saw this parked outside the event. This baby should rightfully be one of the showcars, don't you think?

'The Largest Hair Show in Sarawak'?? WTF, i'm confused. =p 5 bucks per entry. This is by far the largest of carshow event, i have been to so far, in Kuching. Of course, don't lah compare with what they have over in KL or Singapore.

A Mini with sound blasting equipment that is anything but MINI!

WRC liveried STI Version 8 *oops, number plate censorship blunder! well, it's the only ONE of its kind in town, so nevermind la*

Mazda's legendary Rotary Rockets. I always have an affinity towards RE machines, namely the FD3S RX-7. I had actually driven this same car some 3 years ago, when it was clad in a less flattering grey dress & still running a fairly stock sequential twin-turbo setup. Even back then, it was quite a hoot to drive, with all that torque & boy, it sure was a chick magnet. I absolutely loved the distinct howl of the RE. On the downside, it drinks fuel like the germans do beer in Oktoberfest.

Now clad in a more elegant RE Amemiya party dress & with running a single big turbo setup under the hood, she's making a lot more horses, i heard. Why that big-ass-tiang-sidai-kain spoiler ~ with the very high speeds that the 7 is capable of, the spoiler & all that ground effect pieces will come in handy at speed above 150km/h. I know that, coz i that is something i do on almost a daily basis. =p

Lineup of the Japanese racing bred cars. I always dream of owning at least one of those.

oops, another cencorship blunder.. This is a Version 9; the very last model of the 4-door Scooby Imprezza. The new hatch design of the Version 10, still looks funny to me. I have yet to see any on the road here in Kuching.

An EVO9. These 4WD turbocharged machines have tons of traction & can easily lauch from standstill with crazy acceleration without much wheelspin drama.

A Nismo 400R kitted R33 GTR a.k.a the Godzilla

SW20 MR2. Has the look of an old school Ferrari. Even in stock form, the 3SGTE powered MR2 is a very fast car. Had spent sometime behind the wheels of one before ~ a very fun & zippy car to drive; but due to the MR layout nature & weight distribution of the car, it has tail-happy handling characteristics ~ meaning easy to spin out when cornering hard, if you try do drive it like a FF car. It will take a highly skilled driver *which, i'm not as good as i think i am, or want to be* to fully exploit its performance & handling potential.

Big ass! R34 GTR ~ the other Godzilla, reputed to have over 600 horses under the hood; can't imagine what it would feel like to be driving this beast. Had driven a 400hp modded EVO before; even running at low boost i've got my hands full already... boy, what an intoxicating experience it was. When you start making boost, be afraid.... be very, very afraid, for the sudden brutal rush of acceleration will knock your senses silly.

That is the big red machine i was talking about...
Now off, to some highly sought after European marquees

Hamann dressed Mini Cooper S ~ very sleek, i likey

Souped up Bee Eems!

from the feminine Z3 roadster...

to a carbonized 3...

to a blown 3. It's pink in color for god's sake! Is that intercooler turbo i see? or is it just a 'interfooler' turbo? *dummy unit; just purely for aesthetics*

The Belle of the Ball...

350Z Fairlady in full designer dress! ~ a full Veilside Version 3.0 bodykit & rolling on 20" hot wheels! Looks like it just rolled off straight from Tokyo Auto Salon. Almost an exact replica of the villain's ride in Too Fast Too Furious3: Tokyo Drift

& for the GO to match all the SHOW, she's got a bolt on HKS supercharger kit installed. Near orgasmic sounding when throttled.

Airtrek Turbo. Don't be fooled by it's massive size. It's EVO engine powered. I got smoked in a straight line by one of these highly modded Airtreks once.

Only one of the 2 Honda show cars at the event. This Prelude BB6 is sporting the Top Secret gold paint job & scheme.

Finally some old school rides. I just fell head-over-heel for this old school Celica. It's got that American muscle car look & it's in a pretty mint condition for an almost 30 year-old car. Running a quad-throttle trumpet webber intake! I can only wonder what she would sound like when fired up.

That's all folks! Sorry for the long waiting time & misleading preview, there ain't much hot heels to shoot... ^_*

Project Civic ~ Wrap Up

Car: 1989 Civic Ferio EG8
Engine: B16A2 DOHC VTEC (transplanted)
Engine Modifications:
full engine rebuild (70% new), CTR high compression pistons, engine block guard, ported & polished head, upgraded valve springs, upgraded oil pump, lightened flywheel (6.5kg), Power Enterprise Kevlar timing belt, carbon fiber short air ram (velocity stack) + silicone hose connectors, FEEL's open pod air cleaner, Arospeed cold air funnel kit, Ultra 8mm silicone plug cables, JASMA 4-2-1 header, Mugen twin-loop replica muffler, Arospeed voltage stabilizer, custom 5-point engine grounding cables

Transmission: 5-speed manual non-LSD with 4.400 final drive
Suspension & Braking:
CST Zero-1 fully adjustable coilovers, front tower strut bar, EG9 disc brakes (on all fours)
Wheels & Tires:
Racing Hart C4 Single 15" wheels, Yokohama Advan Neova AD07 195/55 tires (50% tread left)
SPOON sports ECU (9000rpm redline + 180km/h speed limiter removed), SPOON VTEC controller, Apexi' auto timer
EG6 dashboard + meter cluster, Nardi Torino steering wheel, Recaro A8 semi-bucket seat (driver)
Stock standard + EG9 rear bootlid spoiler, Ferrari White new paint job (2 days old)
Performance: 0 ~ 100km/h in 7 seconds (or less ~ conservative estimate)
Fuel Consumption: 10.93km to the litre (after overhaul post-May'08)
Stock Performance: 170hp @ 7800rpm; 16.0kgm @ 7300rpm

So is it going to wrap up soon? Hell, no! Afterall, the thirst for more POWAH is unquenchable. Period.
Though i got really tulan with my ride acting up today. The handling felt funny when i got her back from the paint shop just the other day. Sent her for alignment this morning & upon inspection found that one of the rubber bushing on the front left lower arm has cracked. Damn. Had it replaced in a dime at my mechanic's shop before sending her back for re-alignment. And then she went kaput in the middle of a roundabout during the test run. KNNCCB! The distributor coil & chip KO-ed pulak! Ended up spending my precious holiday there to get it fixed! CB... & those parts ain't cheap. My ride is really draining out my bank account, still, despite having cleared the installments sometime ago. Maintenance don't come cheap, & let's not even talk about performance upgrade. So if you drive a Honda with a VTEC powerplant (lucky you, no need to do engine transplant), & have got like at least 10K to burn, i'll show you how to make it run faster. Or if you're a serious VTEC enthusiast, offer me 25K cash & maybe i'll part with my ride. Car's like mine, of it's age & level of modification has got no resale value, to the general masses. So it'll take a serious enthusiast to fully appreciate the upgrades that have been carried out & certain degree of driving proficiency to fully exploit & enjoy the performance potential of the car. Anyone can drive a fast car, but not many knows how to drive a car fast.

Project Civc ~ Makeover

After an agonizing 8-weeks of wait, she's finally out...

clad in a new party dress: neat, clean & sleek lines of the stock EG ~ a timeless design

White is the color of the season ~ this Silvia S15 going for a widebodykit conversion sports the exact same shade as mine

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Blogger's Meet Food Tasting @ VFF ~ 27th Dec 2008

As promised, here are the pixes of the blogger's meet & food tasting at Village Fast Food, finally. Props to Unker Francis, Anna, taukeh & taukeh nio of Village Fast Food & Green Bento, Reuben & Caroline for hosting the event!

Now here's an introduction of the hungry blogging zombies of my round table (ironically, none of us were food bloggers, but we sure know how to eat!) :

the comical mike ~ eh, how come mine one so small one ah??

Frankie ~ our table's maid of honor; that's why he's so quiet, busy serving bah =p


Norman ~ he's got a very articulate tastebud, probably the only one on our table who can qualify as a legitimate food taster!

& M a.k.a Amber Chia's sister =p Thanks for inviting me to tag along yea!

Not being a seasoned food blogger, i tried very hard to shoot the dishes so that they would appear as scrumptious as they actually look. Here's what's on the menu:
(missed the 1st dish of the hot & sour soup)

Nestum fish fillet

Butter prawn

4 combo vegetable

Nyonya sweet & sour chicken

Fried mee sua cangkuk manis

Fish & chips

Grilled beef steak

Her score card...

One interesting point to note about the food served is no
msg (monosodium glutamate) is added ~ so it's very healthy food indeed; but the taste takes a little getting used to initially, especially for people with heavy tastebud like me ~ always need extra spice, salt & pepper one...

Mr 50D, one of the many, many big gung-ho camera guest on that night

This is the fehmes Unker Francis in pirate cosplay =p
Okay, i'd better link him up & to EatOK too, before he comes to plunder my blog!

Some of the interesting quizzes going on throughout the session. I was even in one of the quiz questions, huh?

Okie Norman, we shall be expecting to be fed with that when we visit you during CNY!

Eat OK!! Wookay!! =D

It's never a wrap up without the all-important camwhoring session!

Santalouis & Santalouis sis

Everybody wants to camwhore with the fehmes Anna
& Amber Chia's sister

Fahriee inset

This is baru what i call eye candy =p

Tim & the gang. eh, i thought we were supposed to be shooting stop-motion-animation? After filling our tummies to the brim, cannot jump liao. =p

Wacky group photo

Well, overall it's been a HOT, HOT night.. but a really great laughter filled one! So what's next after this?