Monday, December 29, 2008

Project Civc ~ Makeover

After an agonizing 8-weeks of wait, she's finally out...

clad in a new party dress: neat, clean & sleek lines of the stock EG ~ a timeless design

White is the color of the season ~ this Silvia S15 going for a widebodykit conversion sports the exact same shade as mine


Kristopher said...

nice white. waiting for mine too. Crystal White. :) Interested in wide body for ur EG?

ehh.. Ah B S15? spoiler not up yet ka...hehehe...

cal81 said...

kris: mine's clad in flat white... cheaper & easier to maintain ma... wah, u kaki EG too? would love to checkout ur ride some day! =D
ha, i'm done with my wild bodykit days... sticking to the stock look, JDM style from now on... at least it's got a more lasting impression, i find. More interested in bumping up the performance now =)
Urs going wide body ka?
Met Ah B at the shop the other day, he did not mention anything about the S15 being his... Wah, how many cars has he got? i heard he sold off his track-prepped CRX liao.. that sweet little pocket rocket! He still has that 350Z to soup up & probably hav some fun drifting it!

Ah_Mike said...

Uoohhh I didn't know you're into modding rides!

Bro, any recommendation on where to a get a security tint film that's of good price and service here in Kuching? Or does the mechanic/modder you go to provide such?

My trusty mechanic is based in KL and I dunno who to go to here :(

cal81 said...

ada la, sikit-sikit... =p
bro, i had my tint done at LG near lorenzo on the way to batu kawa; they've got a proper clean room for installation, so quality of install wouldn't be much of an issue. Price wise shouldn't differ too much if u stick to the major brands of tint... better stick to a more reputable one like V-Kool which, is more generally accepted as 'regulation compliant'.. festive season just around the corner, so expect to see more 'operasi' on the roads... -_-