Thursday, December 25, 2008

Be & Jon's Matrimony ~ 20th December 2008

To cousin Be & hubby Jon, congrats on your wedding & wish you all the best in starting out a new chapter of yourlives as one new family! =)

* P/s i always take forever to update; especially when it involves lots of photos & photo editing work to do ~ so this 5-day delay is my baseline.
As part of the many-many SLR-trotting guests on the actual day, i sincerely i hope i did not get in the way of the pro-photographer, Andy Kho too much... =p

Mr 50D helped to snap some of the family photos too. Thanks yea!

Especially liked this shot ~ oh yea! What a priceless expression on her cutie pie face! =D
* Also thanks to brada roy for lending me your prized 580 EX II Speedlite!
*All snapshots taken with EOS450D + standard 18-55mm kit lens + 580 EX II speedlite


Pazuzu said...

mr. 50D?

hahahahaha... cool name ..

cal81 said...

haha.. he's got a distinct piece of gadget with him... =p

Dynamics said...

Wow! Belinda's finally settled down.. haha! Almost didn recognise her.

ahlost said...

Eeee... I like the last pic !! The baby is sho cute !!!

cal81 said...

dynamics: she got changed so much meh? look the same to me, all this while... =p samuel was there too..
ahlost: ha, that one was shot by mr 50D a.k.a allen ang! =D
maybe he's got that funny look on his face when shooting, that's why the baby gave him a 'one kind look' face.. hahah. very cute, indeed!