Sunday, December 14, 2008

Project Civic M.I.A

The delay at the paintshop is becoming increasingly frustrating to endure. I have been ride-less for almost freaking 7 weeks now! The panel aligning & bodywork job has long been completed by the 2nd week, & my ride has been idling in the warehouse since, for a good month due to the long queue at the paintshop & waiting for the shipment of that darned ship front windscreen to arrive. That's how she looked when i last checked the progress last saturday. Quite a relief to see some work being actually carried out now ~ getting prepped up for the undercoat spray... progress should be picking up faster from now on, since all the meticulous work has of scrapping off the paint has been done. Hopeful to get her back on the road by Christmas.
for that account, my car's downtime would total up to 13 weeks for this year alone; having already spent 6 weeks in the workshop for a major engine overhaul & upgrade during middle of this year... -_-


One Other ... said...

Bet it'd turn out real classy, your Civic makeover! :-)

Hi, just bloghopping. Nice camera.

cal81 said...

hi, thanks for dropping by.... going for stock & clean look... hoping it'll be out & running by christmas... =)