Monday, December 29, 2008

Project Civic ~ Wrap Up

Car: 1989 Civic Ferio EG8
Engine: B16A2 DOHC VTEC (transplanted)
Engine Modifications:
full engine rebuild (70% new), CTR high compression pistons, engine block guard, ported & polished head, upgraded valve springs, upgraded oil pump, lightened flywheel (6.5kg), Power Enterprise Kevlar timing belt, carbon fiber short air ram (velocity stack) + silicone hose connectors, FEEL's open pod air cleaner, Arospeed cold air funnel kit, Ultra 8mm silicone plug cables, JASMA 4-2-1 header, Mugen twin-loop replica muffler, Arospeed voltage stabilizer, custom 5-point engine grounding cables

Transmission: 5-speed manual non-LSD with 4.400 final drive
Suspension & Braking:
CST Zero-1 fully adjustable coilovers, front tower strut bar, EG9 disc brakes (on all fours)
Wheels & Tires:
Racing Hart C4 Single 15" wheels, Yokohama Advan Neova AD07 195/55 tires (50% tread left)
SPOON sports ECU (9000rpm redline + 180km/h speed limiter removed), SPOON VTEC controller, Apexi' auto timer
EG6 dashboard + meter cluster, Nardi Torino steering wheel, Recaro A8 semi-bucket seat (driver)
Stock standard + EG9 rear bootlid spoiler, Ferrari White new paint job (2 days old)
Performance: 0 ~ 100km/h in 7 seconds (or less ~ conservative estimate)
Fuel Consumption: 10.93km to the litre (after overhaul post-May'08)
Stock Performance: 170hp @ 7800rpm; 16.0kgm @ 7300rpm

So is it going to wrap up soon? Hell, no! Afterall, the thirst for more POWAH is unquenchable. Period.
Though i got really tulan with my ride acting up today. The handling felt funny when i got her back from the paint shop just the other day. Sent her for alignment this morning & upon inspection found that one of the rubber bushing on the front left lower arm has cracked. Damn. Had it replaced in a dime at my mechanic's shop before sending her back for re-alignment. And then she went kaput in the middle of a roundabout during the test run. KNNCCB! The distributor coil & chip KO-ed pulak! Ended up spending my precious holiday there to get it fixed! CB... & those parts ain't cheap. My ride is really draining out my bank account, still, despite having cleared the installments sometime ago. Maintenance don't come cheap, & let's not even talk about performance upgrade. So if you drive a Honda with a VTEC powerplant (lucky you, no need to do engine transplant), & have got like at least 10K to burn, i'll show you how to make it run faster. Or if you're a serious VTEC enthusiast, offer me 25K cash & maybe i'll part with my ride. Car's like mine, of it's age & level of modification has got no resale value, to the general masses. So it'll take a serious enthusiast to fully appreciate the upgrades that have been carried out & certain degree of driving proficiency to fully exploit & enjoy the performance potential of the car. Anyone can drive a fast car, but not many knows how to drive a car fast.


lee said...

wah, mean u no hw 2 drive a fast car n also no the technique la???

cal81 said...

no la.. i'm a very courteous driver... only speed when necessary.. heheh =p

lee said...

si bo?? haha... i don blieve bo...

cal81 said...

si la.. u will find out soon... =p

lee said...

haha... ok ok...

Anonymous said...

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