Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Potrait Shots: Simon's pre-B'day Bash @ Kado ~ 19th Dec

Brada Simon & HC

OKK & Sharon

Ah Bong

the ever-elusive Shirley

Brada Loi

Brada Ang Wie


the birthday boy could barely contain his excitement unwrapping his kinky pressie from ahem* ahem* =p


M said...

Ahh, you know Jess too! Hahah!

cal81 said...

well, ain't it a small world! Jess used to be a trainee at my workplace.. hmm, so u guys must be ex-schoolmates, i presume..

T-MO-T "n" TING said...

it tu OKK is my neighbour and we play ball together ahhah!

its a small world after all...

cal81 said...

wah, really? then we all kaki b-ball here =D
*havent actively played in years though.. *