Saturday, February 28, 2009

Last Evacuation Drill (Fwd)

Don't evacuate?!?

GOOD ONE!!!!!!!!!!

In a large multinational company..............

A fire alarm rang at 4 PM in a large office when almost all employees were in office (approx 5000). As usual the entire office was evacuated within 3 mins & all employees gathered outside the office in the designated area waiting for further announcement.

The Security Officer in charge made the following announcement: "Dear employees - with sincere regret I have been asked to announce that for many of you it will be your last evacuation drill. Due to the recession the company is laying off almost 50% of its employees. So when this announcement finishes, I ask all of you to move back into the building and if your swipe card does not work then it means you have been laid off in which case you will not be allowed inside and all your belongings will be couriered to you by tomorrow.

The Company has used this innovative approach as we didn't want to fill up the email box with lay-off mails and good bye mails in thousands & also to avoid any fight inside the office and the consequent security issue for all staff.

Hope you have had a rewarding career with us and all the best ahead.

Please move back in & try your luck".

*Given the volatile nature of the industry i'm in, i wonder if this is going to happen.... xp

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Random Shots: Flood or Not, the Tong-Tong-Chiang Must Go On

lOl =p ~! From a forwarded mail; it may be a little bit out of season to be posting this already, but this is too darn hilarous not to post.... heheh! Let's hope next year's CNY will not be as WET.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Initial D & its Origin...

A throwback to the 90s anime series... really feeling the eurobeat song ~ ! =D

Happy People Vs UnHappy People

* this is a post by a friend of mine. I could not help but agree, for i share the same beliefs too; which, i live my life by, or at least aspire to live my life by... =)

I think that

1 . Happy people are characterized by the belief that they are able to control their situation;


Unhappy people tend to believe that they are a toy of fate.

I believe that I'm able to take hold of my own destiny if I am determined enough. This I have to thank my parent as they've instilled this in me since I was young. When there's a will, there's a way. I was brought up to think that anything was possible.

2 . Happy people are people that bother to count their blessings;


Unhappy people never seem to bother to make the best out of things.

I believe that everything happens for a reason and bad luck can always be good luck in disguise, just open your eyes & look for it. Another popular phase used at home : BLESSING in DISGUISE. No choice hahahha... I was brought up to be optimistic.

3 . Happy people are smart enough to realize that the past belongs to the past;


Unhappy people tend to mull over grudges or flaws that are no longer significant.

I believe that it's your choice to want that happiness. If your life is so miserable, blame yourself for moping and wallowing in self pity. I believe that your eyes are set in front because you are meant to look forward.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Photoshop-ing Tricks

A good friend of mine, Ehon gave us (me & loi) a basic crash-course on how to use the canggih-but-often-too-complex-to-newbies Adobe Photoshop CS photo editing software, before one of our lim teh session when he was back in town last year. He was once an apprentice of the fehmes Alvin Leong Photography Studio ~ which, he picked up his sound photography fundamentals *he's (Ehon) is probably one of the better photographers i've known in person, who DOESN'T own a DSLR; well, maybe he does now =p * from & knows how to work magic using the Photoshop like a seasoned Counter Strike gamer. That was my brief introduction to photo-editing & i have been hooked on it from then on; i had only my W810i camera phone back then & i could manage shots that are mediocre at best, crappy when blown up; so i really needed a software that could enhance my photos. That was long before my DLSR gear came along, but even now i still have a knack for editing photos, just coz i like it. =)
Well, i'm gonna share some generic editing techniques i've picked up, that i use on some of my photos; i'm using CS2:

1. Unedited photo

2. Duplicate another layer via copy by pressing "Ctrl+J"; go to "Filter", select "Blur" & then "Gaussian Blur" with a magnitude of 6.0;

3. Go to "Filter", select "Distort" & then "Lens Correction"; in the "Vignette" section tweak the amount to +100 to whiten the edges of the photo

4. Still on the duplicate copy layer, change the layer "Blending Options" to "Overlay"; next tweak the level, contrast & color saturation to add depth & bring out dramatic-ness of the photo.

5. Finally, add watermark to it & voila, you have a photo that looks like an advert print! =p
*Nothing much to shout about, but it looks much more striking than the un-edited piece, don't you think?

Specimen: Gucci perfume & deodorant stick ~ Valentine's gift courtesy of my baby =)
Camera gear: EOS450D
EFS 18-55mm standard kit lens
Settings: 1/15s ; f4.0 ; ISO800 ; JPEG format

Mugen RR Driving School

I'd love to to attend this driving school! Check out those Mugen RRs. They're absolutely awesome! With a limited production of only 300 units, we wouldn't be seeing much of these examples running on our roads here.
*sorry, no translation available*

Random Shots: Valentine's Scent

Shot using EOS450D EFS 18-55mm standard kit lens;1/20s; f4.0; ISO800; tweaked color saturation, contrast & added vignette effects

25 random things about me

Tagged by my baby in Facebook, ages ago... =p

: Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it’s because I want to know more about you.

To do this, go to “Notes” under tabs (+) on your profile page, paste these instructions in the body of the note, type your 25 random things, tag 25 people (in the right hand corner of the app) then click publish.)

1. Likes to daydream
2. I'm a lefty
3. Sometimes i can't even read my own handwriting! Really hates having to write ~ especially when it comes to filling application forms
4. A non-coffee drinker who likes to hang out at coffee joints i.e. Starbucks
5. Has problems sleeping soundly ~ i seriously need to undergo sleep therapy
6. Passionate about fast cars & travelling
7. My engine with all the mods put into it, is probably worth more than my car itself
8. Always have problems putting my thoughts together, hence ~ pieces of me
9. Was once a passionate basketball player coz i though all the jumping action would make me grow taller; has hung up my kicks for good since, but is still a big fan of NBA
10. Thinks that anything on wheels or heels can be modified
11. Has a pair of under utilized latin dancing shoes; haven't been practicing coz lack of an enthusiastic dancing partner *em's still in kl for the time being*
12. Gets runny nose easily
13. 13/12/2008 is a special date ~ prayers to be answered in 3 days time =)
14. Procrastinates at every chance i get
15. Is blissfully happy in a relationship with someone i barely even knew existed just over 2 months ago
16. Done scuba diving, wake-boarding, white-water rafting, kayaking & snorkelling, but still can't swim or float properly
17. Always enjoy a bout of spirited driving every now & then
18. Have a habit of reading books when i'm having meals at home
19. Likes spicy food
20. Did not start speaking mandarin until i entered university
21. Had 2 major accidents in my 10 years of driving, once on CNY-eve & the recently on Chap Goh Mei eve. I should be banned from driving during the CNY festive season
22. Am one of the many amateur bloggers who jumped on to the DSLR wagon recently; i still have yet to make the most of this pricey investment
23. Am also one of those people who's wondering when my career is going to take off?
24. Always have a problem listing out ## things about me... i'm stuck at 24.... =p

*somebody's been filling a complaint against me for not updating in a timely manner... so i better not procrastinate anymore... xp

Monday, February 16, 2009

What is big honey bear doing on my couch?

~ catching the 2009 NBA All-Star game ~! =p

featured the reunion of one of the all time greates dynamic duo ~ as co-MVPs!

Krypto-nate owning Superman in the slam dunk contest!
5'7" dunking over a 6'11"... how crazy can it get??

Our Valentine Shots

Pichas worth a thousand words...

Familiar? Yes, you've probably seen them before, from her to me. =)
*i have always been slow to update ;p all shots taken with point-n-shoot*
It's been a wonderful weekend full of simple, pleasant & exciting suprises... one to look back in fondness for years to come. As they say, all good things come to an end... as with the past Valentine's weekend ~ literally over in a blink of an eye; well, for now...
my freedom ~ is the comfort of being loved that makes me feel free

Friday, February 13, 2009

I've got mail~! =)

Happy Valentine's Day, people! =)
*cupid missed me for 6 consecutive years in a row, but not this year, anymore =p *

Valentine Parody: Maple @ Midnight =p

This is sooo hilarious...~! Enjoy! =p

Monday, February 09, 2009

Counting my blessings...

I just wrapped my ride around a tree earlier today... was damned lucky to walk away with all my limbs still attached, except for a few minor scrapes & bruises on my elbow =)
How it happened? Was carrying some speed going into the roundabout when the rear end started breaking loose when i downshifted to power out of the corner; countersteered a tad too much & the car just snapped & spun around 180 degrees, sliding on all fours before hitting a tree in the process & i ended up facing the direction i came from...
What went through my mind when...? Fuck, this is going to be one expensive mess to fix, if i bang anything... then, BANG! WTF! i did not get lucky this time... i've spun around a couple of times before, once at this roundabout too...
Lesson learned? Never push a car on balding tires too hard... I've procrastinated on getting a new set of rubbers when i should, now i've learned my lesson. Never compromise on safety if you intend to drive your car hard, day in & day out.
Suprisingly i remained calm & composed throughout the ordeal; the 1st thing i did coming out of my car after the accident was to flip out my hp & start snapping photos! I must be crazy... xp Only after examining the crash scene only did i realize things could have been much worse... was a little shaken after that...
Now, i also know that i suck when it comes to drifting... maybe i should consider taking advance driving lessons so i could learn to bail myself out of such situation next time.
Well accidents happen, i'll just accept that & be thankful that i'm still alive & kicking =)
*thanks to brada louis for being there, my dad & my mechanic, ah chung who came over in a dime & helped sort things out, and also friends who dropped by with intention to help & who called & sms to ask if i was alright; i appreciate your concerns =) *

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Jikan Yo Tomare (Stop the Time)


Random Shots: Sunny Day =)

It's been a long while since Kuching has last seen a sky as clear & blue as this... the clear blue shades of the mid-noon sky compliments the vibrant new color theme of the Medan Pelita well, don't you think? ~ shot on during my obligatory-weekend-mommy-chaffeuring duty in town, yesterday. =)
* taken with SE W810i / 2M pixel / AF 4.8mm / 1:2.8 & edited with CS2

Random Shots: Yellow Tarmac Scorcher

I wonder how much torque this she generates? I'm those poor 15" rubbers could hardly contain the full fury of the turbocharged Integra-R powerplant unleashed at full boost! Spotted while window shopping for tires to replace my balding ones. *sigh, i can hardly afford performance semi-slicks anymore.. they don't come cheap at more than 300bucks a piece for a 195/50/15!* The ride belongs to the taukeh of the tire shop near my place...
* taken with SE W810i / 2M pixel / AF 4.8mm / 1:2.8 & edited with CS2

Thursday, February 05, 2009

CNY 3rd Day: Cow & Bull Dinner

Some long overdue pichas from the cock cow & bull dinner at Alfred's place on the 3rd day of CNY...
mana lembu?? takde pun?? =p
*was not too inspired to shoot due to no speed-lite & dim lighting condition of venue... pity that i did not manage to get a good shot of our cowgirl in full gear (lydia) *