Saturday, February 21, 2009

Photoshop-ing Tricks

A good friend of mine, Ehon gave us (me & loi) a basic crash-course on how to use the canggih-but-often-too-complex-to-newbies Adobe Photoshop CS photo editing software, before one of our lim teh session when he was back in town last year. He was once an apprentice of the fehmes Alvin Leong Photography Studio ~ which, he picked up his sound photography fundamentals *he's (Ehon) is probably one of the better photographers i've known in person, who DOESN'T own a DSLR; well, maybe he does now =p * from & knows how to work magic using the Photoshop like a seasoned Counter Strike gamer. That was my brief introduction to photo-editing & i have been hooked on it from then on; i had only my W810i camera phone back then & i could manage shots that are mediocre at best, crappy when blown up; so i really needed a software that could enhance my photos. That was long before my DLSR gear came along, but even now i still have a knack for editing photos, just coz i like it. =)
Well, i'm gonna share some generic editing techniques i've picked up, that i use on some of my photos; i'm using CS2:

1. Unedited photo

2. Duplicate another layer via copy by pressing "Ctrl+J"; go to "Filter", select "Blur" & then "Gaussian Blur" with a magnitude of 6.0;

3. Go to "Filter", select "Distort" & then "Lens Correction"; in the "Vignette" section tweak the amount to +100 to whiten the edges of the photo

4. Still on the duplicate copy layer, change the layer "Blending Options" to "Overlay"; next tweak the level, contrast & color saturation to add depth & bring out dramatic-ness of the photo.

5. Finally, add watermark to it & voila, you have a photo that looks like an advert print! =p
*Nothing much to shout about, but it looks much more striking than the un-edited piece, don't you think?

Specimen: Gucci perfume & deodorant stick ~ Valentine's gift courtesy of my baby =)
Camera gear: EOS450D
EFS 18-55mm standard kit lens
Settings: 1/15s ; f4.0 ; ISO800 ; JPEG format


ahlost said...

Wow.. The wonders of photoshop !!

cal81 said...

yups... can compensate for my lack of photography skills.. hahah! =p

Louis said...

nice one bro!

cal81 said...

thanks bro! ha, just realized i havent been utilizing my camera gear much, recently...

Lance said...

at the first step there, why wanna blur when you can create bokeh in the first place? =p

cal81 said...

well, that's actually to soften the overall 'texture' of picture, of how it would appear when u blend the layers together to increase the vibrancy of the colors to give the picture a more dramatic effect =)