Saturday, June 24, 2006

Listen to one of the few noises that just sound right coming from a Honda

Play it!
A cool clip on S2000 mufflers from YouTube; is what a catalogue for exhaust companies should sound like.
F20C 's are definitely the sopranos of VTEC choir.

Got to love the SPOON SPORT's N1 muffler kit with the VTEC on at full song.... raw & unbridled peaking at a thunderous 123.3 dB! Now that's rock concert-like....

My twin loop-exhausted B16A sounded tame in comparison...

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Heat in 6 --- >

Copyright: Yahoo Sports

Monday, June 19, 2006

Friday Nite Outs

#1 Betrand's 25th B'day @ Barzing 17/06

The birthday boy,

the Pop,

& the pitiful bachelors

When it comes to partying, the PD gang rocks big time!
+ photos ripped from ah-nel a.k.a the Oral-Me guy <*cencored>

#2 Patsda's B'day 10/06

Dinner at Bla-bla-bla 's

Ain't she cute?

P-A-S-T-A with D in the middle - one of my best zhi mui since the uni days, tiny in frame but BIG in persona & charm, even BIGGEr when it comes to talking crap.... a girl who knows a thing or two when it comes to soup-ed up rides.

2nd round at BarZ!ng.... again,.. of all the places.... i just swore not to set foot there again after my infamous puking fiesta just a little over a week ago... so gentlemen & ladies prepare your raincoats!

Aftermath.... nooo... i din puke this time ;p

Photos courtesty of Hong Seng shaky-hands-w800i

Done with the drinking sessions, we'll be looking at rubber burning sessions with the VTEC boys... so when u gonna come smoke me with your hubby's newly aquired EG9?

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Taking on the All New Satria Neo

Decided to drop by one of EON's dealership in nearby Tabuan Jaya to checkout the lastest Satria Neo during lunch break... the other reason is to checkout the Veilside kitted Nissan 350Z rolling on montrous 20" bling-blings parked beside the demo car. Got to test drive it as well.... not the Veilside 350Z (dream on boy), but rather the 1.3 litre manual version of the Satria Neo


Well, must say i'm pretty impressed with the exterior styling. Definitely a looker with lines reminiscence of the 1-Series Beemer.... period, until i get jaded of seeing countless of 'em on the road in the not too distant future, i'm sure. Smoked head lights angel eye style, center mounted exhaust tip + aerodynamic add-ons are the craze these days...


Sadly not the same can be said about the interior though. Looks huge from the outside, but it feels rather crampy inside; minimal head / leg room... i'm complaining, & i'm not exactly that tall at 5' 6''. Overall, it's overambitious in trying to look sporty + futuristic, too plastic-ky for my liking with the oh-so-outdated designs, like they're copy & paste item from Gen2 or even the 'all-new loud-exhaust' Saga. Got to hate those color coded flimsy rounded air-con vents. Semi-bucket seats? Sports steering? Oh, don't even bother to go there...I'm sure they can do better with the interior materials.

Test Drive:

Copyright: Proton
To begin with, the seating position's pretty awkward. Gearshifts & pedal feel is anything but smooth.... the 1.3 Campro DOHC engine [94HP @ 6000rpm / 120Nm @ 4000rpm] plus kerb weight of 1146kg is a tad underpowered, if u ask me.... . Vehicle sound proofing is OK by our 'national car's standard', but the engine whines like a lame pussy at higher revs.... Basically, it makes a boring drive. Didn't get to 'abuse' the car, to appreciate the finer details of its handling though...

My Verdict:
It looks the part, reputed to have good handling but hasn't got a potent enough engine to match. Perhaps i should try out the 1.6 litre version next. With a price tag starting from RM43,500 for the baseline model, i'd say forget the 1.3 & go get the 1.6, should be a decent buy . I'd stick with my Veilside 350Z though... yeah rite, dream on boy....

Craig Lieberman's '04 350Z Terminator

This is what i'm talking about: Cunn car + hot chick to boot


Saturday, June 17, 2006

Been wanting to replace my aging Z600 & also get a decent quality digicam for quite awhile.... Knowing my exquisite taste, getting my hands on not one, but both of these tech gizmos is gonna burn a big hole in my pocket..... Why not get a 2-in-1?
Had my eyes set on this candy bar:

Looks neat & sleek with matte black finish, weighs in at a reasonable 99gs, has a decently sized 1.9 inch screen with TFT 262k colors, comes with 512MB memory stick, W = signature of Sony's reputable Walkman Series, Bluetooth + Infrared + USB connectivity, 2.0 megapixel camera with 4x digital zoom + video recording capability..... quite a good bargain at about 1.5k..

Now i wonder if i'm gonna get one sponsored, for all this good-word advertising, hehe....just like Kenny's getting his LG choc.... really, i got a soft spot for Sony Ericsson's when it comes to mobile phones.. it's got to be the audio quality + well defined LCDs + functionality

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

All in a Days Work

The day started lazily.... same goes for my morale, since it's only Tuesday. Was looking forward towards an uneventful day at work & hoping to leave office early (before 7pm) until..... this karate-chop incident during late afternoon:

Problem Description: One HELLUVA expensive mishap
Detailed Problem Description: Indexer mapping problem at process tool -> Retried the error -> Position of cassette was slightly tilted -> Whole lot gets karate-chopped by the cassette holder during indexer recovery
Root Cause: TBD
Losses: USD1000 (assuming completed wafer) x 25 wafers (1 lot) = THAT's ALOT OF $$ -> enough to get a neatly done up bullet EG6 with lotsa aftermarket goodies + Type-R parts

1. Lot scrapped
2. Tool down + containment action
3. Dreaded 5D/8D - corrective + preventive action report
4. Boss(es) not happy
SUM: Losses incurred $$, tool-time = manufacturing efficiency = productivity, time x manpower for containment action + brains cracked to cough out a 5D = U'RE SCREWED

1. Not my tool, not my device/layer ...nada, nada
2. The 'crime-scene' pics makes cool wallpapers (Courtesy of Louis)
3. Makes a good entry piece

* To those not relevant to the semiconductor industry: Yes, this might not make any sense at all. No, i'm not speaking korean or japanese...

For some enlightenment:

Click on Microlithography

World Cup Fever
The biggest & baddest of all soccer madness is finally here again... it's contageous, no denying it, making headlines all over the world in the newspapers, into the tubes in your homes, spilling into everyday conversation... basically daily-life-altering for many, for at least the whole month of June '06. Well, admittedly i'm with the masses too, but at a much more milder state..... just can't miss out the thrill of bets!

Now, despite all that the on-going NBA Finals is much more my cup of tea:


Mavs up 2-0 in the Best-of-Seven-Series

The dynamic duo of Big Diesel + Flash has got their hands full dealing with Avery & Co. The Mav's seems to have more depth & delivers consistently; i'm sure the Heat still has got a lot of firepower left to make a bang. My take: Dallas in 6