Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy Niu Year: Fire in the Hole!

EFS 18-55mm standard kit lens;1/13s; f3.5; ISO400; tweaked color saturation & contrast only
*Now after satisfying my itch to fire the crackers, i can finally go to sleep in peace, hehe *

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Happy Niu Year!

Here's a cool song to get you all the in mood to celebrate! *stolen from M's blog =p *

Early greeting from a good old buddy ~ CB, me puke like hell!! ... thanks brada.... gong xi fa chai!! Haha.. MCB.. fucking drunk ~ we don't need that much external stimulus to get into the mood; also a sign that we've been partying too much & too hard since 1st of January =D
2 jugs of booze + 3 bottles of Chivas + a couple of sticks of cigars in a single night... how high can you get? =p
Afterall this is going the be the 1st time of my many working years that i'll get to my uninterupted full CNY holidays... away from work, thanks to the process hold that coincides with it. =)

For years, it has been a modest family affair... *compact sized family bah* & one that i always look forward to =)

To my suprise, we still have some goodies stocked away neatly.. after all these years. Let's hope they'll light up well, hehe. Going to have a blasting good time to the countdown!
Happy Moo Year, everyone~!

Saturday, January 10, 2009


I'm not about to pen out yet another customary entry on my new year resolution... but rather, letting the dust settle for a few months more before i start pondering on & reflecting upon the things that matters in my life; where do i go from here? Generally, the past year has not been a good one for me; everything has been pretty much stagnant, if not degrading career & relationship-wise & with looming economic crisis & all that... been riding shotgun in an emo roller coaster throughout the year until things got a little more hopeful toward the end of the year. It's coming off as a pleasant suprise how this year (2009) has kicked off on a high note =)
Though i may not seem to be articulating my feelings very well through words, but i haven't felt so genuinely upbeat & happier, in years. Life's just full of ups & downs. Storms come & go, in a vicious cycle & when they do, you just have to suck it up, weather through it & believe there will be sunny days ahead to come, if you persevere & keep your act together through & through. I guess that's the only way for me to learn about patience & appreciation. Despite all the uncertainties, this year looks to be a promising one ~ i may need to re-evaluate my priorities in life & gear up for some significant changes ~ for the better, i hope. Frankly, i do not know what is going to happen tomorrow, but i do know that i need to make the best of what i have & what i am today.
With the CNY just around the corner, i foresee a lot of housecleaning chores cut out for me... & not to mention sizeable amount of credit cards debt to clear, my cpu hardisk is on the brink of overflowing, my CS3 photo editing software that i can't live without has expired again & some other personal matters to attend to/sort out, i'll be taking a hiatus from blogging for a little while *poor soon-to-be-neglected-blog; i really appreciate all of you coming in to read & make some noise =p*
PS. this may sound like an EMO post, but i'm not, by all means.

Monday, January 05, 2009

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Studio 23 Opening!

I was there the launch of Studio23, Kuching's latest dance & fitness studio on the 1st of January 2009
2 thumbs up for the studio design & facility. Very state-of-the-art looking & feels very ergonomic!

Huge turnout for the opening ~ the studio was literally packed to the brim!


my avid fellow shutterbugs *sifus*

we're not here to learn belly-dance, but we're here to see eye-candies do belly-dance! =p
*where got guy do belly-dance one??*

Well, having taken some disciplines of Latin dances i.e. cha-cha, rock-n-roll & jive; i find dance lessons very engaging & fun workout. Have already invested in a pair of expensive Latin dance shoes, so got to make sure it it well utilized; but due to lack of a permanent dance partner, i'm not sure if i would want to continue anymore. On the other hand, i had also took up breakdancing lesson a few months ago; but have missed the recent few weeks of classes due to my hectic schedule. Apparently, it's not as easy as grooving to the music in pubs on clubbing outings which, i thought i was quite good at. Yes, i can do vertical push-ups. No, i can't do a proper hand stand yet. I'm still at the part of getting the grooves in the very few moves i picked up. Okay, so much for my fling with dancing, now back to the topic:

The event kicked off with a few impressive demos of dances of various discplines namely modern jazz, flamenco & middle eastern a.k.a belly-dance with brief workshop sessions in between.

A mesmerizing Flamenco solo performance by the instructor, Serina. Also known as the angry dramatic Spanish dance ( M calls it the sepak takraw dance, hehe =p)

Now this is the highlight of dance demo ~ the exotic belly-dance (it is actually named the Middle Eastern Dance). That was after a very comical finger-dance introduction for the belly-dance by the instructor. *ah mike, if you've got this on video make sure you post it in you tube!*

M: Woi! how come u crop me out in the 1st picha!!! i want in too!!
These 2 action pictures are stolen from M who's got a full documentary version of the event *coz i did not manage to get any decent good shots of the demo; my fengshui got obstructed! xp*: Part I & Part II. Pictures courtesy of

The soon-to-be Engrish teacha cum dancer extraordinaire =p
She was the one who helped spread the news about the new studio launch & got us interested to come.

For the guys, the combat sports demo on the lower level was next:

There was the brazilian jiu-jitsu, the crazy monkey defence program (boxing) & finally the fizfit core strength program

ah mike drenched in cold sweat, at the prospect of being the solo participant for the trials

and then me & a fairly fit auntie jumped on the bandwagon also...
The concept of the core strength training is akin to a more wholesome gym workout session minus the weights & it emphasises on correcting body posture & training the major functional muscle groups of the body to help it cope better when carrying out daily physical chores; something like that la, if i recall correctly. =p
I might want to sign up for this, but not at least until my current gym membership expires next month; can't afford to attend so many gym memberships & dance classes at the same time ($$ constraint).

Goofing around at the end of the session... monkey bars, we likey!

The dynamic duo ~ Albert & Serina, instructor for the fitness class & the dance class respectively. A lovely couple =)

Finally here are the videos of lauch day demos courtesy of ah mike @ mikey
CLICK HERE to see hot babes doing belly dancing =p