Sunday, January 25, 2009

Happy Niu Year!

Here's a cool song to get you all the in mood to celebrate! *stolen from M's blog =p *

Early greeting from a good old buddy ~ CB, me puke like hell!! ... thanks brada.... gong xi fa chai!! Haha.. MCB.. fucking drunk ~ we don't need that much external stimulus to get into the mood; also a sign that we've been partying too much & too hard since 1st of January =D
2 jugs of booze + 3 bottles of Chivas + a couple of sticks of cigars in a single night... how high can you get? =p
Afterall this is going the be the 1st time of my many working years that i'll get to my uninterupted full CNY holidays... away from work, thanks to the process hold that coincides with it. =)

For years, it has been a modest family affair... *compact sized family bah* & one that i always look forward to =)

To my suprise, we still have some goodies stocked away neatly.. after all these years. Let's hope they'll light up well, hehe. Going to have a blasting good time to the countdown!
Happy Moo Year, everyone~!


CHERRYSA said...

Happy Chinese New Year to you Cal...

Thanks for the comment. I hope everything goes well in this moo moo year for everyone. And that includes me too. haha.

*smile and hug a tree today*

cal81 said...

thanks, chas! may be this moo-moo year be kind to us all! =p

Louis said...

brada!!! where is the firecrackers entry???

u took it down liao ah?

ahlost said...

Should've taken food by food ler.. Hehehehe.. Wanna see what you eat ma.. :D

cal81 said...

louis: still there le; the one & only sole picha.... not the kind of material that will get me into problems with ISA... haha.. dun bother... =p
ahlost: ha, i tried but the pichas turned out not okay... i'm just no good at food photography... only good at eating.. hehe =p
had a total of 6 dishes this year, a reduction of 2 from last year's; downsize coz of economic recession =p