Thursday, January 01, 2009

Studio 23 Opening!

I was there the launch of Studio23, Kuching's latest dance & fitness studio on the 1st of January 2009
2 thumbs up for the studio design & facility. Very state-of-the-art looking & feels very ergonomic!

Huge turnout for the opening ~ the studio was literally packed to the brim!


my avid fellow shutterbugs *sifus*

we're not here to learn belly-dance, but we're here to see eye-candies do belly-dance! =p
*where got guy do belly-dance one??*

Well, having taken some disciplines of Latin dances i.e. cha-cha, rock-n-roll & jive; i find dance lessons very engaging & fun workout. Have already invested in a pair of expensive Latin dance shoes, so got to make sure it it well utilized; but due to lack of a permanent dance partner, i'm not sure if i would want to continue anymore. On the other hand, i had also took up breakdancing lesson a few months ago; but have missed the recent few weeks of classes due to my hectic schedule. Apparently, it's not as easy as grooving to the music in pubs on clubbing outings which, i thought i was quite good at. Yes, i can do vertical push-ups. No, i can't do a proper hand stand yet. I'm still at the part of getting the grooves in the very few moves i picked up. Okay, so much for my fling with dancing, now back to the topic:

The event kicked off with a few impressive demos of dances of various discplines namely modern jazz, flamenco & middle eastern a.k.a belly-dance with brief workshop sessions in between.

A mesmerizing Flamenco solo performance by the instructor, Serina. Also known as the angry dramatic Spanish dance ( M calls it the sepak takraw dance, hehe =p)

Now this is the highlight of dance demo ~ the exotic belly-dance (it is actually named the Middle Eastern Dance). That was after a very comical finger-dance introduction for the belly-dance by the instructor. *ah mike, if you've got this on video make sure you post it in you tube!*

M: Woi! how come u crop me out in the 1st picha!!! i want in too!!
These 2 action pictures are stolen from M who's got a full documentary version of the event *coz i did not manage to get any decent good shots of the demo; my fengshui got obstructed! xp*: Part I & Part II. Pictures courtesy of

The soon-to-be Engrish teacha cum dancer extraordinaire =p
She was the one who helped spread the news about the new studio launch & got us interested to come.

For the guys, the combat sports demo on the lower level was next:

There was the brazilian jiu-jitsu, the crazy monkey defence program (boxing) & finally the fizfit core strength program

ah mike drenched in cold sweat, at the prospect of being the solo participant for the trials

and then me & a fairly fit auntie jumped on the bandwagon also...
The concept of the core strength training is akin to a more wholesome gym workout session minus the weights & it emphasises on correcting body posture & training the major functional muscle groups of the body to help it cope better when carrying out daily physical chores; something like that la, if i recall correctly. =p
I might want to sign up for this, but not at least until my current gym membership expires next month; can't afford to attend so many gym memberships & dance classes at the same time ($$ constraint).

Goofing around at the end of the session... monkey bars, we likey!

The dynamic duo ~ Albert & Serina, instructor for the fitness class & the dance class respectively. A lovely couple =)

Finally here are the videos of lauch day demos courtesy of ah mike @ mikey
CLICK HERE to see hot babes doing belly dancing =p


lee said...

u mean u go belly dance also???

cal81 said...

no la.. the dance one is for girls nia.. i just go watch some of my friends in action.... & to try out some of their fitness program... =)

allen said...

wah! you're fast..
boo hoo! i have thousands of photos to go thru! sob.. i shan't shoot anymore frames the coming two weeks.

Dynamics said...

cool! ...and break dance? I would love to join too!! but don know my limbs r flex enuf or not :)

cal81 said...

allen: it's coz i only managed a few good shots... the rest all cannot make it one lar... =p i hav to cut down on shooting liao for the moment, coz my cpu hardisk almost full liao!
dynamics: dun worry la, ur limbs will hold well la.. after all they're almost as old as mine wat... & mine's still in a piece.. hehe =)

Ah_Mike said...

Bro, videos are finally up! But sadly my battery died before the start of the finger-dance :(

cal81 said...

thanks mikey, i'll link them up!

Louis said...

can i link the video too mikey?

Ah_Mike said...

Cannnnn no problem......

M said...

OMG. I would love to see Louis saying 'puhweezzz' in real life. Hahaha, wait till I go bek, Louis I wana see! Hahaha...with cute cute face and doggy eyes. K K? ;p

M said...

OMG. I would love to see Louis saying 'puhweezzz' in real life. Hahaha, wait till I go bek, Louis I wana see! Hahaha...with cute cute face and doggy eyes. K K? ;p

* LoNeLiNeSsZ * said...

how do u know selina this instructor???

cal81 said...

lonelinessz: my gf's one of her old time students, they know each other quite well... btw, i've been taking fitness classes at studio23 too...