Thursday, February 23, 2006

Pantry @ Building8 Level2 - the place to be at!
Chillin' out @ my cube
Team-building @ Pantai Kerachut

& now...
Wackier moments @ work
Getting sooo absorbed @ work (coz it's 1st day of CNY)
Module workshop @ Damai Lagoon

Good ol' trainee days from a couple of light-years back.... looking at these pics sure bring back lotsa good memories., kinda miss my buddies back in the Pearl of Orient...
In the good company of my wacky collegues these days.... sure makes my strenous job a lot more bearable.... & the slightest bit enjoyable to some extent..... huh, another complicated love-hate relationship with my JOB.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Things to do when getting a 1/2 day off work

On rare occasion do i get to spend time away from office during a week day, so when i do, i'd really, really like to: 1. Take nap 2. Laze around in front of the tube 3. Repeat 1 & 2... & rejoice in the fact that i get to spend the afternoon away from WORK! Nope, din get to enjoy any of those bliss... Got the afternoon off, that is after a little hassle & some reasoning wif my boss.. hell, like i cant even take a short break when i'm in need of one???

Rigid working environment really getting at me...
Took some time off to get some finishing touches on the tint job on my ride. Getting caught in noon time jam can be a very unpleasant experience esp. in this unforgiving climate. Need some protection against UV

No ride is complete without a neat tint job, shades of black gives it some street credo.... Car due for inspection at PUSPAKOM in a couple of days... yup, been driving around in my not-so-road-legal ride for the past 2 months. Need to get certification for the raging red 'heart' transplant, tint job's cool, supposedly regulation compliant.. not so sure abt the humongous muffler jutting out the rear.... sounds blaringly loud as it looks... 'No problem' assured the JPJ runner... Keepin' fingers crossed & hope the results check out well

Spent the remaining hours window shopping for more ICE... can't imagine i've been driving around
all this while with no ICE! No music, no nuthin'... in serious need of some ICE in my ride. Oh boy, this project on wheels is really costing me an arm & a leg...

Then hit the gym to sweat it out.... & getting my car cleaned up while i'm at it. Went home & had
a hearty dinner ON TIME.... feels good to be able to spend some on my own & getting through the daily cycles ... like a normal person... instead of drowning in my work, clocking excessive hours day-in day-out like an office rat, which i'm slowly turning into.... how pathetic
Back to work tomorrow...dammit!

Friday, February 10, 2006

my humble ride

EG8 host

EG6 sourced B16
VTEC screamer - Yea baby!

SPOON fed!

RS-R coil-overs
drop it like it's HOT

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Flashback CNY '06
The unlucky ones....
--> Spending the 1st day of CNY at my cube.... aw.... how pathethic... no cakes, no biscuits, no ang pows, no commotion.... but at least got an orange sitting on my monitor; it's part of a semi-permanent decor

--> Having the company of 2 lovely ladies, Janet & Christina seems to brighten things up a little

--> Putting up our best smiles & trying our best to show some CNY festive mood... not a bad attempt.. notice the droppy eyes & reluctant I-dun-wanna-work-today look

--> A much better 2nd attempt... wider smiles..

Gosh, I'd been working thru CNY... not exactly a very motivating experience; literally had to drag myself to office, save for the OT... double-triple damn, must claim kaw-kaw..... which brings me to my NY Resolution #9:
-Not to celebrate anymore CNY at work-
Yess.., getting one closer to #10

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

New Year Resolutions!
Whatmore appropriate title to get started. Well, i it's jus early February, so that leaves me another 10 months to get my resolutions resolved... that's if i even get halfway thru my list of 10:
1. Start my own blog - hah, 1 done 9 more to go!
2. Pimp my ride! In the quest for more HP, my baby is spending more time in the workshop than on the road
3. Find new friends or cliques to spend time together & have fun
4. Gain weight - yup u heard it right, GAIN weight... been losing weight like i'm on Slim10 since i went on night-shift
5. Change job, change environment & GET A LIFE!
6. Get vacations/ short trips - juz to break out of the mundane routine cycle i'm on
7. Make more $$$ - more vacations & more mods on my ride
8. Find a GF, GET A LIFE!
Ran out of ideas... i guess i need to get wiser & live a good year.