Sunday, December 28, 2008

Blogger's Meet Food Tasting @ VFF ~ 27th Dec 2008

As promised, here are the pixes of the blogger's meet & food tasting at Village Fast Food, finally. Props to Unker Francis, Anna, taukeh & taukeh nio of Village Fast Food & Green Bento, Reuben & Caroline for hosting the event!

Now here's an introduction of the hungry blogging zombies of my round table (ironically, none of us were food bloggers, but we sure know how to eat!) :

the comical mike ~ eh, how come mine one so small one ah??

Frankie ~ our table's maid of honor; that's why he's so quiet, busy serving bah =p


Norman ~ he's got a very articulate tastebud, probably the only one on our table who can qualify as a legitimate food taster!

& M a.k.a Amber Chia's sister =p Thanks for inviting me to tag along yea!

Not being a seasoned food blogger, i tried very hard to shoot the dishes so that they would appear as scrumptious as they actually look. Here's what's on the menu:
(missed the 1st dish of the hot & sour soup)

Nestum fish fillet

Butter prawn

4 combo vegetable

Nyonya sweet & sour chicken

Fried mee sua cangkuk manis

Fish & chips

Grilled beef steak

Her score card...

One interesting point to note about the food served is no
msg (monosodium glutamate) is added ~ so it's very healthy food indeed; but the taste takes a little getting used to initially, especially for people with heavy tastebud like me ~ always need extra spice, salt & pepper one...

Mr 50D, one of the many, many big gung-ho camera guest on that night

This is the fehmes Unker Francis in pirate cosplay =p
Okay, i'd better link him up & to EatOK too, before he comes to plunder my blog!

Some of the interesting quizzes going on throughout the session. I was even in one of the quiz questions, huh?

Okie Norman, we shall be expecting to be fed with that when we visit you during CNY!

Eat OK!! Wookay!! =D

It's never a wrap up without the all-important camwhoring session!

Santalouis & Santalouis sis

Everybody wants to camwhore with the fehmes Anna
& Amber Chia's sister

Fahriee inset

This is baru what i call eye candy =p

Tim & the gang. eh, i thought we were supposed to be shooting stop-motion-animation? After filling our tummies to the brim, cannot jump liao. =p

Wacky group photo

Well, overall it's been a HOT, HOT night.. but a really great laughter filled one! So what's next after this?


Anonymous said...

Hahaha, stop calling me Amber Chia's sister. Make her malu nia. Hahaha. She's tall I'm short. She's slim, I'm fat. She's pretty I'm not. opposites man! Hahaha. And I like that photo of me and Anna doing the smooching pose cuz I look so fair. Haha. Can I steal it?

cal81 said...

ah, u're just being modest la. okie, okie,. my bad.. =p
but pirate jack francis was the one who started it wad... =D
Can i say no? i'm sure u've stolen already.. heheh

Anonymous said...

Hahah, not really. ;p

Ah_Mike said...

I love this group photo :)

cal81 said...

Hi ah mike! finally found your blog! =)

Woon Yien said...

i look so dark in the tim and gang group pic leH!!!! T.T

cal81 said...

hi yien-yien! ha, bo pien, u were oveshadowed by aaron! =p

ahlost said...

Woots ~ Nice meeting you belated birthday boy :)

cal81 said...

hi ah lost! a pleasure to meet u... the legendary ah lost... heard ur name many times before, always thought that u were a guy! thanks ya! =)

Funkye said...

i think i saw u b4 at 98 kopitiam..u owes go lunch wif ur colleagues thr isit? tats y u look familiar.
btw u dun look like 27..i tot u r around 20-22 yr old..walao.

cal81 said...

funkye: really? then u must be working near one tj area... yeaps.. had lunch there sometimes, coz it's near to my workplace.. ha, i'm much, much older than i look... maybe coz i'm always casually dressed for work...

Funkye said...

no i dun work anywhere near there hehe... but i teach part time at the music school behind sometimes i go thr do stuff.... btw its not bout ur dressing..its ur face looks young! HAHA!

cal81 said...

funkye: wa, so u're artistically inclined too?
okie, i'll take that as a compliment! =)

Woon Yien said...

WAH!!! U r 27!!!?!!!!

u really dont look like 27 eh.. ahem ahem.. frankie.. why u so notice him geh?? *lalala*

Anyway!! linked u liao! keke


cal81 said...

yien2: coz we same table mah... thanks ya, i'll link u up too! =)