Monday, April 14, 2008

Phuket Trip ~ 8/04/08 Day02

~ coming soon, stay tuned!
Come liao la, come liao la! Due to overwhelming response the likes of "tot-got-lotsa-pic-to-see-mana-tahu-2nd-day-only-got-ONE-picture!!" & "why-SO-slow-ur-updates?pixes-pls!cepat-sikit-oso!" ~ i had to cut short my post-trip recuperation a.k.a battery recharging to speed up the pre-release of Phuket Trip Day02... =p
Thanks dear friends, *strangers* included. Am really flattered that there are actually people out there eagerly following up on my posts =)
Will keep the captions short; get ready for Phuket visual overdose! Do enjoy.

Destination: that island made famous by a certain hollywood flick starring Leonardo de cappucino

Started our day having to wake up at an ungodly hour of 5:30am to get ready, have breakfast in time for departure from hotel at 7:00am.

The panda-eyed crew in sunny spirits

however, the skies did not share our sense of spirit

aiks, thunderstorm on the horizon!

camwhoring & goofing around...

doing our best rendition of the Titanic pose~
*censored to protect identity of perpetrators*

okie, captions too many words... i should shut up now...

90 minutes of sea cruising later...

the sight of paradise~ Phi Phi Don & the skies are starting to clear up too

changing of vessel & to Phi Phi Lay we go...

the Viking Cave

Pi-Leh Cove. this is the part where i go ga-ga-ga in awe

Maya Bay, finally...

Stopped short at the entrance of the bay due to the massive size of our vessel. Throngs of vacationers in the hundreds queing up to experience exotic deep sea snorkelling

Due to the rough condition of the sea (thunderstorm the night before), only half get to wet their feets, & out of those many found themselves frantically scrambling back onboard after mere minutes in the water, disoriented & fed up of getting rocked around choppy waves or panicking from excessive sea-water chocking. Just ask mrtoilet or mrsexylips. i barely got to wet my feet before chickening out... HOW CAN ONE COME ALL THE WAY TO PHI PHI ISLAND & NOT SNORKEL AT MAYA BAY!!! ARRGH! Wasted lar =(

the only handful of people who managed to stay offboard long enough to actually snorkel were:
1) very good swimmers
2) had a float (very scarce commodity; i'd kill to get one, then)
3) has a guide to guidedrag you along

like 2 of our lovely lady crew here. Girls only. Guys no special priviledge; but they'll still come get you... just make sure you don't drown too soon =p

Headed back to Phi Phi Don for lunch...

it's unthinkable that this pretty little island was once severely ravaged by tsunami
but activity had picked up to full pace once again. This is probably the most crowded beach i've been to. Still, it hasn't lost that nice vibrant & exotic paradise vibes

time to return... on a ship...

or for the more macho & adventurous ones, could opt to row back to Phuket in that yellow not-so-submersible submarine... =D

~to be continued... lagi


gingerous said...

ei *stranger*!

why SO slow ur updates?!!

pixes pls! cepat sikit oso! hehehe =D

j e n said...

how come no pics of babes clad in sexy bikini one?

cal81 said...

takde ler.. too busy drooling til forget i had a camera in hand... =p