Saturday, April 19, 2008

Phuket Trip ~ 9/04/08 Day03

Started out the day with a yoga session at the bling-bling store

embarking on yet another long road trip to Phang Nga bay, far north in the mainland

getting tanned is a prospect, depending on which side you're sitting on

another speedboat transfer upon reaching the jetty

roll call... mr gameniac missing from the picture ~ status: UDT due to food poisoning & had to stay behind & recuperate at hotel. Poor him.

Mr Rudy, our tour guide

getting ready for some sea kayaking action at Tham Lod

doing the limbo rock...

awestruck with the beautiful sceneries of majestic caves, amazing cliffs

& a welcome sight in the middle of nowhere; a refreshment bar! =D but at x4 the regular cost =(

a good 50 minutes under the sweltering midday sun *no one's complaining*

visit to Khao Ping Kan

"you've the whole world, in your hand..."
& James Bond Island. That's agent 007's secret base. Ha, just bluffing... but one of the scenes from a James Bond movie was filmed here, hence the name.

Lunch is served at a fishing village at Panyee Island... YUM YUM!

& desert, back at the jetty =)

a local version of ice kacang, must try!
~ to be continued


cherrysa said...

Poor Ang Wie...
I guess it must be cause of all those spicy foods.

cal81 said...

yup...too hot to handle... but then, one can't help but crave for it, still... =p

faithlovechocolate said...

wow ... the kayaking adventure looked so damn nice le... I wanna go!!!

cal81 said...

u din get to go phang nga when u visited phuket last time? damn shiok ar... also doubles as a very good gym workout... can checkout kuchingkayak to try out here...