Sunday, April 13, 2008

Phuket Trip ~ 7/04/08 Day01

Finally the long awaited day has arrived ~ a long 46 days since inception of the countdown. With the accommodation & tour matters all sorted out well ahead; leaves not much last minute hassles to deal with, except packing up. But still, I had that oh-so-familiar vacation-eve-sleepless-night syndrome ~ brimming with excitement from all that contagious anticipation buildup towards vacation day, thanks to that Phuket trip chain mail going around since after CNY.

A near full day of traveling ~ KCH-KL at 9am in the morning & KL-Phuket at 3pm in the afternoon with a couple of dreaded hours stranded at the airport in between ~ drains out the excitement… -_-

By the time we reached LCCT, I already wasn’t in the best of shape; down with a flu-like syndrome that I usually wake up with, when I have very little sleep the night before. After popping a couple of flu pills, I got a little better, but was feeling ever-drowsy. Thanks to a

Hearty double whooper meal

& a good book, I somehow made it thru the day

Fast forward a few hours ahead, we finally landed on the island of tom yam ~ Phuket =)

Descending unto the airstrip, the aerial view of this beautiful island paradise does remind me a lot of Bali. Despite being one of the smallest provinces in Thailand, it is also ranks as one of the wealthiest, thanks to the booming tourism industry.

From the airport, a 40-minutes drive of ooh-&-aahs in admiration of the scenic views of nature & unique architecture later we reached our dinner destination at the edge of Patong-Karon hill boundary, eager to sample our 1st taste of genuine tom yam goong on this island of tom yam.

62.5% of the Phuket Trip Crew

Checked in at Phuket Orchid Resort in Karon beach by nightfall. My batteries had already went flat by then, despite all excessive tom yam goong charging.

Loot of the day:

Lotsa porkie & cashew nut stuffs

& Phuket-made t-shirts ~ by the 1st nightfall, my Thai Baht supplies had shrunk at at alarming rate, by more than 1/3. -_-

This is a not so successful result of the 6P6W (6-pack-in-6-weeks) program. *I need 6 more weeks, okie!*

Bedtime soon after…


j e n said...

wah your neng neng very big liaw

Louis said...

dude, your chest really almighty liao leh... kudos!

cal81 said...

okies, i take that as a complement... thanks hehe... but that neng neng comment sounds a bit geli... ish... =p
have to 'kek' or flex until half-dead liddat baru can get that effect... =p