Sunday, October 07, 2007

Day03 300907~ In pursuit of exciting water adventure

Headed down to the southern coastline of Nusa Dua (Tanjung Benoa to be exact) to see some water action…

Sandy white beaches stretching for as far as the eye can see & beautiful sunny weather; somehow did not feel as scorchingly hot like back home…

A couple hours of banana-boating, jet-skiing, para-sailing & diving fun later and after incurring some inevitable dents on our pockets (though rates here are hardly expansive)…

Comes the time for Bintang Bali!

Absolutely refreshing when taken chilled, especially after a bout of diving session =)

& getting your hair braided for a mere Rp20000. Cool ne!

Alicia Keys in the making…. minus the tan, & the voice lah

I have my eyes set on next….

It’s ironic how keen I am when it comes to doing water sports: snorkeling, kayak, rafting, jet skiing, wake-boarding & now diving… always being quick to jump in ~ & then realize that I can’t swim to save my own life =p

A pricey Rp50000 VCD of our underwater adventures… went 8m deep on our very 1st dive

An activity filled day at the beach, calls for a lunch FEAST of

scrumptious Babi Guling. It’s a SIN to have come to Bali & not try out this unique local dish.

Capital of Denpasar in central Bali

One of the biggest market in town, colorful & bustling with people. The best bargains can be found here.

That’s what I call a practical tint job. If only it were legal back home.

Pura Tanah Lot on the eastern coast…

One of the most beautiful places I’ve been to ~ magnificent temples perched on cliff tops, ground breaking waves below & sunset on the horizon ~ word’s can’t describe; something you’ve got to come see & experience it yourself

Our private tour officially ends on the 3rd night.

With our trusty guide, Ketut, which we always have problem pronouncing his name correctly (no pun intended) =p


Kino said...

boss, you are really enjoying ur life man.

cal81 said...

well, life's meant to be lived.... so how's ur india secondment trip coming? be sure to snap lotsa pics yah =)

faithlovechocolate said...

wow ... ENVY U!!!! Looks like you really have enjoyed yourself. welcome back to hell!!!

cal81 said...

haih.. 5days nia hardly enough... the next time will be 2 weeks, hah =p