Thursday, October 11, 2007

Finally on to the last parts of my 5-day vacation in Bali ~ it has taken almost an eternity for to complete the posts…

Day04 & 05 ~ Free & easy…. and plenty of spa & massage indulgence =)

If you haven’t been to one here, then you’ve never been to Bali, at all.

To be had at least once a day… or every 500m down the street when you start sweating & getting feet sore ~ whichever comes first =p

The mall-next-door

The beach on our backyard: Kuta Beach ~ one of the most famous beaches around (one of the busiest too)

Surfing is a big part of the Kuta scene…

& i wonder why swimming is prohibited here? … we took a quick dunk & had some exciting encounter with meter-high waves (though it’s hardly surfing peak season)

Late night gastronomical indulgence a.k.a last supper at Sailfin; more like dinner at 10:30pm after 2-hour long pedicure session =p

A short morning stroll along the vibrant streets of Kuta before packing up & checking out…

Parting shot

It has been a great vacation ~ truly enjoyed every itsy-bitsy moment of it: good company (of friends), ideal destination & perfect companion (?? jawatan masih kosong). Beautiful beaches, breathtaking sunsets, unique architecture, finger-licking-good babi guling, party vibes & hot babes aplenty... is unmistakably PARADISE. It's difficult NOT to fall in love with the place. I'LL BE BACK! Someday... =)


gingerous said...

need my help for the 'jawatan masih kosong'? design fee shall be waived ~ a personalized 'application' form and a piece of ad. hehehehe... (since i have plenty of the 'resources' from the thumbdrive. *wink *wink).

cal81 said...

oh yesss! free advert.. haha! =p