Sunday, October 21, 2007

What's next: Nendoroid figurines a.k.a. Super Deformed

The irresistably cute nendoroid Yuki Nagato from the cult comedy-sci-fi series the melancholy of suzumiya haruhi (on my must-watch list)

kawaii ne ~

~peep shot at one of my sis' latest addition of figurines... i wouldn't mind having one of these, to keep my MG Gundams happily accompanied =p
Been searching hi & lo for the goodies around town, but only wound up with a handful of hobby/toy shops with limited selection & some with ciplak ones too... the safer bet would still be to stick with reputable online stores ~ for offerings on latest releases, more variety & more standard pricing (though usually costing an arm & a leg + shipping cost + kena tax if unlucky, especially when ordering from overseas); also serves as a good source to get familiarized with the product details & quality for comparison ~ i dun want to end up getting ripped, paying ridiculous prices for a bootlegged one available locally; some are quite hard to distinguish from the genuine ones to the untrained eye... yikes!

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