Sunday, October 14, 2007

"I knew u're gonna blog about this" ~ Raya Edition

mrs. XXX's mom,


but-i-sure-know-where! =P 13 october 2007


The Stranger I Got to Know

the above matter refers.

2. fyi, I file for this complaint coz the stranger that I got to know some few months ago a.k.a. your son, on a raya morning, msg-ed me and woke me up from my VERY VERY d siokkk sleep, and had me UP liao… but ler, when I replied him, he goes m.i.a. on me (as usual)! Hmmmph!!! TOTALLY BO HIU WA LIAU! So bad! (but lucky I stil managed to pip til noon! Heheh). BUT! Me considering maybe he’s bz or out visiting or malas wanna layan me or wad wad, I chose not to bug him lor.

3. and, he ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS dun read my msg properly, and is ALWAYS so ‘laid-back’ (he said so) – seriously making me feel like i'm OVERLY-BUGGIN, most of the time! (but ler, the prob is – bo bug him oso kenot, wanna bug him oso gota take into consideration many many things! Hmmmph!)

4. so, ma’am, do you see how terribly bad your son is ‘treating’ me? Honestly, the most susah-to-handle guy I’ve ever encountered so far! TRUE! Never had any guy treated me soooo kejam-ly! Hmmmph…

Ok, I shall conclude my letter of complaint here. Til your son checks his mail, and print you this letter, selamat hari raya!

Me. 1.30noon. HMMPH!!! (and I bet tis the first time anyone komplens ler?! With a formal letter thim!)

Received a creatively penned & filed formal complaint yesterday ~ on one of my most unique personal traits: laid-backness, especially when it comes to replying sms-es & interpreting them properly (mistake prone-speed reading). Want to highlight the matter to the supreme council summore (mom)!
Wah lao eh! Literally laughed my head off til terguling-guling atas lantai when i saw it! Hahaha.. =p
Seems like i got a new resolution or 2 to add to the now defunct My 2007 Resolution List:

#1001 I will try my best to decipher ppl's SMS properly & reply before they can count 1, 2, to 10

*Subjective to: #1001 - subject to my count pace.... my pace very the slow one... =p


marv_ said...

hey realising i always 'call' u oso accidentally... time to time.. haha..

time to change hp.

cal81 said...

ha... dun worry there... still not enough frequency for me to issue u an official complaint letter.. hahah! getting an SE?