Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Bali Trip 28/09 ~ 02/10/07

Day01 280907 ~ Early ^yawn^ flight ^yawn^ to KL took off smoothly & arrived ahead of schedule at LCCT, out rendezvous point. Had a quick breakfast at McDonald’s before the gang showed up an hour later, in time to check-in for our outbound flight. Yet another surprise, as only Brandon, Colina & CCW a.k.a Channel (Brandon’s brader) turned up; Julian had already bailed out earlier due to work issue, now another unfortunate friend of ours horrendously mistimed the her schedule & missed the flight altogether. Any hopes of her reconciling with us by catching the next late-afternoon flight were quickly dashed when we learned that flight fare had soared to a stratospheric RM700++ one-way… Yet another person less on our Bali bandwagon; lucky to have CCW (last minute addition) tag along ~ saved me from light-bulbing fate for the next 5 days in lovers’ paradise.

Touched down at Ngurah Rai International Airport at Denpasar, Bali after a 3-hour flight… ~Ah.. I smell paradise! =)

Fatigued after spending almost half-day of travel time (from Kch), we ran into yet another minor albeit frustrating ordeal; supposed hotel airport reception guy did not turn up; a quick phone call (mistaken arrival time), a thousand apologies & 15 mins later, we were ushered & chauffeured to our hotel, a mere 5 mins drive away in downtown Kuta.

Balinese architecture is nothing short of impressive ~ just simply love them!

First thing to do after checking in ~ is to get some rupiah $. ATM kiosk aplenty around town…

Not used to seeing many 00000s, only wished I had this amount in RM =p

Then off to jalan-jalan cari makan….

Late lunch at 3:30 in the afternoon~ nasi goreng ala Bali

One of the more extreme of the many adventure rides around town, just opposite our hotel. Have yet to see a single soul give it a shot throughout my 5 day stay there…. Fancy getting hurled 50m skywards? Cunn leh, got Sparco seats summore. No, my ball’s aren’t big enough give it a try.

Checking out downtown Kuta ~ the heart of all the action; a pretty, vibrant & bustling little seaside town where tourists seemingly outnumber the locals, where every other premise is a hotel, an eatery, a spa, a souvenir shop or a surf outlet ~ the whole place thrives on tourism.

Getting around town is fairly easy; one can rent a Harley Davidson… or you could hitch a kereta kuda.

~The other preferred mode of transport ~ Horse-power packed, can even overtake cars one you know!

We then headed back to our hotel to get ready for our sight-seeing tour… * been churning out lots of words for this particular post, will let the pictures do the talking from now on…

Sunset @ Jimbaran Bay

Soaking up the sea breeze & tantalizing taste buds with ikan bakar feast @ Sharkey’s

Kuta comes to life at night. This is afterall Bali’s clubbing capital; nightlife here starts at 1am, which we were eager to get a taste of… but barely lasted past midnite

Checking out the buzz at Kuta Square

This fancy surf outlet uses real life mannequin!

I had to take a closer shot to be sure

CCW mimic attempt failed miserably….

Hectic schedule for days to come, we decided to call it a day by 10:30pm


MrToilet said...

WALAAAAAOOOOOOOO... real models in a fashion shop???? What a brilliant idea!!!! How come kuching shops never think of that?!!!!

faithlovechocolate said...

ya lor ... should recommend to the shops here to use real models !!

cal81 said...

will definitely help to cultivate i-love-shopping habit among guys... =p