Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Random Shots #

getting connected ~ tau geh characters everywhere making me feel so goddamn illiterate here...

people often think i'm japanese...

cool clothing article; the name just escapes me though... something i would pay 140RMB for

new scent ~ Rm165 for a bottle of 50ml (genuine)

Supposedly smooth & warming when smoked in cold climate; is anything but cheap at 26RMB a pack

300mm wafer pod are a handful to handle

A Brabus SLK K4 ~ hardly a supercar in terms of performance; but is still every guys' chick-magnet dream machine

Colorful, bright, vibrant & lively ~ just loving it


marv_ said...

i want the item in red... chung hwa,,haha.

cal81 said...

sure, got plenty here, like a carton... can save some for u =)

marv_ said...

u say one ya.. keep ur words eh. thanks. but i doubt will able to take from u. haha. 10s again.