Sunday, March 25, 2007

Food, food, food

Supermarket goodies ~ snacks come in all shapes, sizes & colors; hauled a backpack-full of 'em home. Haven't actually got to taste them, coz they looked almost too nice to eat.

From hotel fine dining...

It's pretty & complementary.

to international fastfood chains...

KFC ~ we only got in coz it's the only eating outlet in the mall that hasn't got a queue line stretching the length of half a basketball court. I'm not exagerating, eating outlets here do tend to get overcrowded at peak hours. Pork are served in this region. Notice chicken pieces the size of Ayamas drummets.

& local flavors...

Steamboat & booze ~ makes an ideal meal in the cool climate, which i thoroughly enjoyed without breaking a sweat.

Xiao Fei Yang ~ one of the more popular steamboat franchises in town. The piping hot red spicy soup just tastes superb!

Beers come really cheap, starting from a low of 4RMB.

Sampling some local delicacies

Starting off with the cold dish; goose-tongue a'la Fear Factor is served.

Main course includes beef stew, which tastes heavenly ~ it's so tender you could feel it melting in your mouth.

Suntory premium draft - the best fresh brew ever... to be consumed fresh on the same day.

Munich lager at Paulaner Brauhaus' in Xin Tian Di, a district of chic cafes, pubs & fancy restaurants in the old neihbourhood of Shikumen. Costs 68RMB for a mug of 0.5l. Chick-factor here tops the ceiling... =p

For late night supper, nothing beats having a cup of instant noodles + strawberry yogurt while flipping thru the TV channels at the convenience in the hotel room ~ economical indulgence.


Kino said...

yo fren,
where's the chicksssssss?

cal81 said...

with a floating population of over 20 million in a city, there's plenty to go around... plenty of 'em everywhere... haih, i should have brought along a digital slr camera =p