Sunday, March 25, 2007


Semiconductor is big business in China

Cool. The essence of cutting edge technology in immersion lithography is ~ bubble-free water
Specs: NA - 1.35; wavelength - 193nm; resolution - 40nm; throughput 131wph & best before EUV


A major expo like this one is likely to attract up to a million visitors a day. I expected it to be exclusively for people working in the semiconductor field, but it seemed like anyone with a business card can register for free to get access. I mean, literally ANYONE from the streets. Don't have a one? Just go make one & add some fancy titles like CEO of Company XXX, while you're at it. Lots of irrelevant bunch of people who's got no business there except for making beelines to grab the freebies offered. It's not like these people give a damn about the industry or have any sense of appreciation & understanding of the technologies. Bunch of freaks...

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