Sunday, March 11, 2007

my ICE head unit kong-ed...
Ever since i got back from KK last tue i've been wondering whatever happened to my componens set & front mids. Audio output coming from the front sounded greatly attenuated. It sucked to be listening music from my crappy sounding stock rear mids.
Drove over to audio guy, Ah Ping's place for a quick check up yesterday. Sure enough, after the diagnostic tool inspection, confirms a faulty head unit. My car's been having start-up/ignition problems which has become cronic as of late - indicative of a clogged injector strainer maybe, or worse a dying fuel pump... or it could be one of the myriad of engine sensors is at fault; or maybe it's time for a battery replacement. Dunno what the hell is the problem here.
Suspect during one of the botched start-up/ignition, the current surge (or lack of it rather) screwed up the head unit's delicate circuitry. Fix this, fix that, i'm having a headache dealing with maintenance cost hitting the ceiling as of late. Luckily, my head unit's still under warranty, so i will only need to fork out a bit to cover for the shipping costs. It going to be about a week to 1 & 1/2 month waiting time.
Ample time for me to dump my car at the workshop to get the ignition bug fixed when i leave on another biz trip at the end of the week. Hope it's not going to burn a big hole in my pocket...

zh'ng my car. A H22A powered Prelude spotted.

It's got some seriously neat gagdets inside.
I just like to camwhore cars...

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