Sunday, May 06, 2007

~ how much it costed for a pair of brand new constant-velocity joint for the front drive-shaft (one that allows a rotating shaft to transmit power through a variable angle at a constant rotational speed), plus a reconditioned 1/2 drive-shaft (for that jammed front passenger's side) replacement. Lesson learnt: The next time the drive-shaft starts making noise, don't bother looking for a rebuilt job (supposedly cheaper alternative) ~ mine barely lasted 2 months; better to opt for brand new replacement parts (at least you'll get to skip the pray-for-it-to-work part), though it'll definitely put a sting in your pocket... ouch! still feeling it. Thankfully the gearbox was spared, otherwise i'll likely staring at a 4-figure repair bill. Got my ride back, after a week's idle in the workshop; she ain't whining no more. Time to put her thru some 'rehabilitation' =p

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