Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Random ramblings ~ well, when it comes to blogging, my mind always goes blank when thinking of an appropriate title ~ lacking poetic creativity or inspiration? Maybe… Its been on hiatus ever since CNY. It’s been work, work, work, OT, OT, OT & eat, eat, eat non-stop since. Thanks to all the feasting & drinking, I have gotten substantially flabbier around the middle. Strange considering I’ve hardly gained any weight at all. *to mrtoilet: yah, now that we’re even, are u happy now?!* Haih… merry making is like that wat…

I’ve got approximately 2 months to whip it back to shape & get into presentable mode before I jump on the beach party bandwagon to Phuket early April. Only 2 months of intensive gut-wrenching AB workout program to religiously adhere to. Yeay. -_-

Just returned to gym for the 1st time after nearly 3 weeks of absence. By the 2nd set of 4-routine combo, I was literally dead from the waist down. Yeay, keep it up. -_-

About work, I was grumbling about having to work on CNY for the 3rd consecutive year in a row. It SUCKS to be working when everyone else is partying & having a good time. Though, looking at the brighter side, those 3 dreadful days of OT may have probably earned me enough $$ to substantially cover my Phuket trip. Yeh, babeh!

On top of that, many of my colleagues coming back from their respective hometowns after CNY holidays brought along many goodies. Most notably the yummy chicken biscuit; the first time I had it was when a friend from Kampar brought along some after CNY 2004 during my internship stint far-far away.

Still as yummy, but as for the name revamp? CB biscuits….Hey, you a piece of my CB? It does that sound a bit vulgar in some local dialect…. ps no pun intended =p

To that dear friend: A Valentine’s romantic getaway in Bali… woa, I’m so envious of you ler… So I shall be expecting to hear good news from you soon! =p

Well, as for mine I’ve got nothing much special to blog about; did not celebrate Valentine’s with someone special, but I’ve got a bunch of good company to cheers with, to not feel so sad about not having a date on that Single Awareness Day.

Haven’t done much visiting this year & barely got to meet a few old buddies in a gathering or two; but got to meet up my oldman, buddy. What he’s up to lately? It seemed like he’s hooked up a major deal & released an MTV with his grandson or grandoter at the helm as the creative director. Kejap grandson, kejap grandoter.. I pun tak tau lah.

Presenting ah kong’s masterpiece… (ah kong is the canvas lah)

Lim peh ka lih kong, this ah kong very geng one. One evening he called me, got zzzzgg-zzzggg sound in the background, wah seh, steady leh. In the middle of getting tattoed also can talk steady like no sweat!
Btw, really nice piece ~ your burung turn into phoenix already; when is your carp fish turning into mermaid? hehe =p

Kudos to creative director ehon a.k.a. ah kong grandson.. grandoter.. whatever la… It’s been great knowing you. So when can I get my ride’s MTV done? *Ha, just kidding*. My car looks so crappy to be worth getting a shot. Not at least until the engine gets done right & she gets a fresh coat of paint.

I dream of building a bad-ass sleeper Civic ~ stock, no show but all go. 200hp NA B16 rojak street-able daily driver… possible?

Full engine rebuild & tuning is in the pipeline (very dependant on how deep my pocket is after April Phuket damage). Nothing beats the thrill of a high strung NA VTEC engine furiously screaming its way up to a stratospheric 10k rpm like this

Or this one if I get lucky enough to own a supercar, someday…

Oh, boy i'm drooling already... =)


Ehon said...

grandSON. ignore ah kong's grandoter as he's a bit too old to know differentiate between male and female. hehe. video for your car? anytime! ;) just let me know and as long as i can make it - since you're my grandpa's best friend. :D

cal81 said...

granSON.. okie.. ha, that's very kind of u... well, probably not too soon.. still plenty of work to be done on it.. but thanks anyway =)

ah nel said...

actually in my mind tat shooting our car but tis time did the tattoo ledi not enuf time...
sure next trip bek will try to shoot as i plan it for smts ledi so details will tel u soon ;)

colina said...

hey, ajak me to go ya...i can be grandSON's assistant^_____________^

cal81 said...

ahnel: ha.. not a bad idea oso... but my project still got long way to go lar.. also depends if granSON will be back at the same time you do
granSON: dun get homesick too soon! & hope u had sufficient dose of kuching goodies (i.e laksa, kolo mee) before leaving... cya! =p
colina: wah.. wanna come gao luan ar?? hehee... =p

ah nel said...

if colina wana become my grandoter ass need to make sure she not in car if not thre wil be early drifting or four hands on 1 steering... :P

iamthewitch said...

2004? That was SO long ago! Amazing that you still remember :) When you decide to come visit me in the 'far-far-away' place, let me know in advance so that I can get the CB ready for you! :))

cal81 said...

ah nel: she can be a very good co-driver wat.., =p
meiyee: yup, it's been 4 years adi.. but still feels like not too long ago .. kinda miss the life back then =p
ha, sure get me some CB the next time i visit... i'd appreciate it =)
might go sometime this may to attend an old friend's wedding...