Saturday, September 20, 2008

Toilet Shots: Jenny's B'day
Here are the long awaited photos, taken by mrtoilet's (Sony Cybershot) during last friday's little bash @ Silhoutte & the Core... dim lighting conditions rendered most of the shots blurry... Had given the photos a little photoshop touch, but to bring out some 'drama' ... =)

yummy-licious strawberry shortcake... =p

happy burstday to pretty miss long-eye-lashes!... lol

merry making continues at the Core...

thanks to Keith for his generous whisky treat! =)

bradas foreva!

the only shot of all the fellas that night... *got too tipsy to pose 'properly'...

santalouis will be bringing his dance moves to Taiwan soon...
That's all folks... =)

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