Monday, August 10, 2009

Project HGUC Operation Capture of Jaburo: ACGUY

This kit consists of 3 mono-eye amphibious type mobile suit from the Principality of Zeon *the bad guys, i presume?*; namely the GOGG, Char’s ZGOK and ACGUY. Never having watched this UC installment of the Mobile Suit Gundam, I do not know the significance of this Jaburo capture operation thingy; the bulbous frame, design & inclusion ofpincette claws plus the cool water slide decals for each of the MS would be unique addition to my Gunpla lineup. Coupled with their big brother MSM-10 Zock, these would be my 1st HGUC project. Nevermind the 1/144 scale (MG’s are 1/100), these fellas features fairly good level of details & have considerable degree of articulation; albeit limited due to their stocky build, but unique.

Presenting the better looking one of the lot ~ MSM-04 ACGUY; sans the decals...

From Gunpla

Here are some shots of the progress:

From Gunpla

Fairly few pieces of runners

From Gunpla

The head features some clear plastic parts as well

From Gunpla

The torso and backpack

From Gunpla

The head

From Gunpla

The legs *consist of the most parts*

From Gunpla


*blurry pics taken using K770


Anonymous said...

HAHAHHA it's spelled Acguy. I spelled it 'Egg Guy'. HAHAHAHHA!

cal81 said...

=p ... either way it sounds funny ler; cute lil' fella... hehe