Monday, November 02, 2009

New Camera Gears

From Miscellaneous

My newly acquired goodies from my recent KL trip:
1. EF50mm f/1.8 II
2. ES-62 lens hood
3. Sandisk Ultra 8Gb SD memory card
4. Sunpak PZ42X speedlite
5. Kata DR467 backpack
Purchased all of 'em except the SD card, 2nd hand from a friend of mine at affordable prices i couldn't resist. All in mint condition, even the Sunpak speedlite which, was not even used yet!
The gears would be more sufficient for my current photography needs =)
From Miscellaneous

& it couldn't come at a better timing. Needed the back to pack up my camera & 15" lappie for the trip itself; it's got ample padded storage enough for 2 camera bodies, 1 mounted, up to 3 lenses or more *standard zoom lens*, speedlite, maybe a small tripod plus accesories & a back compartment large enough for a 17" notebook. Have always laid my eyes on the 50mm f/1.8; and the speedlite would surely come in handy for the upcoming Studio23 Dinner & Dance on the 14th. =)


Terence said...

"beautiful beautiful no run water"

cal81 said...

sui sui bo chao chui.... or you pi you chi oso can... heheh =p

ahlost said...

Wow.. So many new gears !!


cal81 said...

took me ages to start accumulating all these gears... mostly 2nd hand ones summore... =p

Funkye said...

bro.. i notice this speedlite..tell me hows it after u use. i prefer it than nissin....

good buy overall...cheers.

cal81 said...

funkye: sure thing bro, will put it in action when i'm back to kch next weekend; need to get some nimh batteries from shashinki first =)

Lau UngIng said...

i got my flash sunpark too :)