Monday, December 21, 2009

28th Loot

From Miscellaneous

Some goodies for my 28th B’day / X’mas to keep me happily occupied for days to come in the near future =D
From Miscellaneous

1st up, Figma Drossel from my darling, which has been on my wishlist for quite awhile ~ *muacks* dear!
From Miscellaneous

1500 Tacktician basketball from my buddies here ~ i’ve been an avid baller since young, but haven’t been playing actively since my high school days; this gives me a good reason to pick up & start again; while i still can =p
From Miscellaneous

Some lovely eye-candies to grace my desktop from my Secret Santa ^_*
From Miscellaneous

The prized RX-0 Unicorn Gundam Head Display Base which comes with the January 2010 edition of Dengeki Hobby Japan ~ pretty exclusive & expensive stuff, no thanks to shipping cost plus the strong surge of the japanese yen currency recently -_-
Got to have this, it’ll look great when paired with my MG Unicorn! =D
*In light of my shrinking available capacity in Picasa Web Album *almost used up the whole 1028MB capacity* and the convenience & better interactiveness of FB, where most of the photos of the happenings around me have been posted lately ~ i’ll stick to this trend & reserve the updates for this blog to be more oriented on my hobbies only ~ i.e. Gunpla, cars & etc.


Valen said...

So u've finally got ur Figma drossel and 1/48 Unicorn head display...nice loot^^

cal81 said...

yups! =D finally... the review has got to wait though, still got plenty of unfinished work to settle 1st, heheh...
that issue of dengeki hobby cost me a bomb to ship...

ah nel said...

happy birthday bro...

Merry X'mas and Happy New Year... ;)

cal81 said...

ah nel: thanks bro! enjoy ya year end holiday! =D