Sunday, March 07, 2010

Pasar Tamu thru 50mm

From Miri

Tagged along with my good photo kakis in Miri ~ Micheal & Unker David for photoshoot at Pasar Tamu Saberkas yesterday evening. I have never actually participated in a full-fledged street photography; i thought i would be really to be whisking out a big camera & start snapping pictures like a paparazi in a local market ~ imagine getting awkward stares from the people around... well, not unless i'm a tourist in a foreign land. Thanks to Unker David's impressive PR skills in getting the stall owners to warm up to the idea of having their photographs taken, of them doing their routines ~ first, he made his round, generously handing out prints of the photos he's shot there the week before to the respective stall owners who pleasantly suprised by the gesture... to which they responded by eagerly accommodating our photography antics =)
Unker David mentioned that his mom used to be a market kuih seller for many years but never had any photograph of her taken.... now this is something very meaningful
~ to have a candid snapshot of us in our working heydays to fondly reflect on, later in our golden years.
For the full set of photos, please visit my FB album link HERE.
Props to Unker David for the great shoot, & Mike too for extending the invitation! *i owe u guys a couple of PS tutorials... hehe =p

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