Monday, January 24, 2011

Hello 2011

It's been ages since I last blogged, thankfully I still have my blog password jotted down somewhere. Since this will be my first post of the year & it's only 3 weeks into this brand new year, I'd like to kick off mine with a list of New Year resolutions. Here are they:
1. Save 50K this year, for my Big Day.
2. Budget efficiently, so the spillover $$ (if any) gets routed into future assets (cozy house) fund (sports car included =p)
3. Plan & prepare well for my Big Day. 300+ days & counting.
4. Get Lean, get 6-pack. Just got back to the habit of working out towards the end of last year, I believe I'm half-way there. 3.2% more body fat to shed to reach the athletic/fitness level.
5. Keep my blog alive. 6th anniversary just around the corner.
6. Get a foothold on my career (1&1/2 year-old 2nd career since I switched field), so I'll know exactly where I would be, in 3 years time.
7. Kick my stubborn old habit of procrastinating. Yes, I need to Eat That Frog!
8. Be a good husband (aligned with my new status).
9. Review this year's resolutions a year from now.

Cheers! =D


Anonymous said...

ur wedding website is pwd protected

cal81 said...

hi, do drop me an e-mail (can be viewed in my profile), i'll be glad to share with u the password. btw, the blog is still work-in-progress. cheers!

CHERRYSA said...

eh calvin, add me too. haha. i wanna see :D

btw, Congrats!

cal81 said...

Thanks for dropping by, Chas
u got mail =)

CHERRYSA said...

thank you thank you... :D

ahlost said...

Both of you are getting married on 25th December this year?

OMG.. Congratulations.. So, how did you proposed to her? *38mode ON*

Why is the wedding website password protected?

cal81 said...

Thank you! Cuz it's still under construction. Hahaha... but looks like we will open it now. ;)

Jobless Girl said...

Its coming to end of year 2011 and hope you have achieve your new year resolutions.