Friday, December 23, 2016

Dream Ride

My cup of tea when it comes to cars. My dream ride has always been a pure bred Honda Type R, any model wearing the coveted red 'R' badge built straight up from the factory would do. I have an affinity for the legendary Integra DC2 Type R of the late 90s. It's the closest thing you get to a road legal race car with license plate. Rated at near 200bhp, it's got just the right balance of performance in a lightweight and sharp handling chassis, and comes with all the practicality and drive-ability of a normal daily driven car. Reliability and running economy are big plus points for me. I would jump at the chance to swap my CR-Z for one of these, though the chances of finding a genuine Type R in mint and stock condition are pretty remote. I'll go for the DB8 Type R with 2 extra door. Yes, they do make them in sedan versions as well, albeit in smaller numbers...

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