Monday, May 19, 2008

70 bucks for a visit to the tooth fairy's ~ my first visit to the dentist in like 15 years *means i'm scared of visiting the dentist i got good dental health bah... =p*. I remember vividly the good old primary schooldays when we had the other misery card (the 1st being the report card la ~ where getting red markings is the surest way of earning you a butt-spanking good time from mom & dad) called the personal dental health card to make our lives more miserable; where the shinigami in white (school medical staff) makes an appearance in our class periodically, like once every 6 months or so; pulls out his deathnote & start reciting names from the list ~ which, never fails to strike terror in our hearts, everytime... we'd be scared-piss & start to pray 'oh, god pleeeaaasse dun let him call out my name... dun let him take me away.. pleeeasssee !' But as always, he calls out our names one by one anyway. The sensation of my legs giving way everytime i head forth to receive my card is an unforgettable experience. It's like a matter of life & death.... the last thing i'd wish to see on my card is an 'X' .... if got 'X' means die liao la... sure die one.... coz it could only mean one dreaded thing: MESTI CABUT GIGI ~ is like a death sentence, that one will not die from. Wah, like so dramatic like that... i'm sure we all had our shares of experiences & stories of tooth-extraction terror & agony. Fast forward one-and-a-half decade later, i finally had enough having to put up with the agonizing pain of a decaying wisdom tooth ~ a visit to the dentist had become inevitable. That darn tooth of my had actually partially broke a couple of months ago but hasn't been giving me much problem until recently.
Went to the tooth fairy's last Friday to have my agony ended ~ impressively, she did her magic in a smooth procedure that barely lasted 5 minutes. Quite painless, much to my surprise except for the short & sharp jab induced by the anesthetic injection... Another nagging problem kautim-ed. Thank you tooth fairy, I'll remember to brush my teeth often =)

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faithlovechocolate said...

nooooooooooooo.......... nightmare!!!!