Sunday, May 11, 2008

Phuket Trip ~ 12/04/08 Day06 (Last Day)
So it's about time people start wondering when or if is this bugger is ever going to finish off his Phuket Trip posts... *procrastinate is my middle name =p*
Well, this is it ~ last leg of Phuket Trip '08
Presenting -

the world's most not-accurate sharp shooter, me... =D

Gameniac faring much better... coz he's got longer arms~! & he's Gameniac the gun freak! =p

Elephant Kingdom...

one huge baby elephant...

she's anything but shy & very generous with kisses =p

before bidding our goodbyes to the Pearl of the Andaman...

like they say, all good things must come to an end ~ =)
Til the next trip ~ cheers!


iamthewitch said...

I shall visit Phuket someday too! SOMEday... nice sunset picture! :)

cal81 said...

i'm sure u will.... =)
be sure to try out the bungee jump! *conveniently missed that, coz we all got too chickened out to remember to try that while we were there...* hehe =p