Sunday, June 14, 2009

1st Weekend in Miri: Breakfast @ 2020

The hotel i'm currently staying at is startegically located right smack where there is an abundance of affordable & colorful variety of eateries, somewhere near downtown ~ one of the main reason why i chose it over the chic-ier Marriot Resort; aside from the fact that it is nearest to my work place. Kuching to Miri; from a small place, to another small place ~ met up with my ex-company friends who's moved here to work too, for dim sum breakfast at a cafe called 2020, just within walking distance from my hotel. Almost feels like an Company-X alumni gathering... hehe

Steven & Jenny

Ah Teo (currently still in Company-X, a Mirian on a 3-week holiday; my one-time CG nemesis: Photo Vs Etch =p )
Alan (missing in action)
Good to be able to catch up with you guys again!

& Emm

Dim Sum @ 2020; a pretty popular breakfast joint & usually packed in the mornings. Price-wise is quite reasonable... have tasted better dim sums though. Maybe it's just me, but i find the foods here comparatively light in taste (tasteless? ha, maybe kuching folks tend to have heavy tastebuds)

After a hearty breakfast, we set forth for our outing adventure... *coming soon*


CHERRYSA said...

haha..this post make me miss 2020's dim sum! been so long since i go miri :p

cal81 said...

ha, maybe it's time u come back for a visit... i heard there are better places for dim sum here =)