Friday, June 12, 2009

Random Vids: Ken Block's Gymkhana2 ~ The Infomercial

One very cool video...

~ from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:
Gymkhana (Hindi: जिमख़ाना, Urdu: جِمخانہ), which derived from the Hindi and Urdu word for "racket court,"[1][2] is an Indian term which originally referred to a place where sporting events take place. The meaning then altered to denote a place where skill-based contests were held.

(Motorsport) Gymkhana is a type of motorsport practiced in Canada, the United States,the United KingdomSouth Africa. Similar to autocross, Gymkhana courses are often very complex and memorizing the course is a significant part of achieving a fast time. The governing body of Gymkhana in Japan is the Japan Auto Federation, a Japanese division of the FIA. and

Gymkhana events are time/speed events (for our purposes here) in an automobile. There can be obstacles such as cones, tires, and barrels. The driver is expected to maneuver through the predetermined "track" performing many different driving techniques. What separates gymkhana from your traditional autocross event is that in gymkhana drivers are required to perform reversals, 180 degree spins, 360 degree spins, parking boxes, figure 8s and other advanced skills. Also drifting is encouraged where helpful/necessary. Really though, you can consider any event a Gymkhana which has a starting point, a finish line and some sort of "obstacle" to get through, around, or by, and is timed.

Ken Block (born November 21, 1967, in Long Beach, California)[2] is one of the co-founders and recently appointed Chief Brand Officer of DC Shoes.[1] Block has competed in many action sports events including skateboarding, snowboarding, motocross, and most notably rally racing.

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