Saturday, December 29, 2007

Project X'mas Gundam ~ A high-grade 1/144 scale Sword Impulse Gundam i've got recently; a bootleg version though... parts made of lower-grade plastic (cheapo plasticky looking), intricate parts moulding mediocre at best, part fittings are flimsy ~ if they even fit at all, joints are either downright stiff or loose & sucky decals (expected). Got mine completed in no time; just simply hantam, no worries *stress-free* about screwing up the kit or decals ~ coz they aren't expensive to begin with... =p

Well, the end result turned out to be quite satisfying... =)

Heck, it looked so damn good (at least in the pics) ~ especially when armed with that massive double-edged Excalibur Anti-Ship Sword!

Ciplak version ~ got to love the translation... =p

Genuine stuff from Bandai ~ made-in-Japan doesn't need any more introduction...
Worlds apart in terms of quality. As pricey as they may be, i'd still stick with 'ori'. Nevertheless, it's been an afternoon of Gunpla-ing fun for me... =)

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